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Logo Design for Aviation Company

Aviation Logo Design

By Logo Design

Aviation Logo Design – Elevate Your Brand

Carried out appropriately, aviation logo design can truly take flight. With countless specializations within the field, the logo design needs to be branded in a way that represents your greatest strengths. It’s always useful to evaluate competitors’ logos and analyze where their logos flourish, and where they may falter.


When it comes to designing aviation logos, the first image that comes to mind is undoubtedly an airplane. While a sleek jet can certainly make for an amazing logo element, it is important to consider whether this image is an ideal representation of your organization.

What initial impressions do you wish for consumers to make of your logo? Whether you service remote destinations, offer fast flights, or dabble in luxury air travel, you must portray your company creatively and with visual flair.


There is much more to typography than merely being legible. The style and font you select can send subtle messages that stick in the minds of consumers even long after being viewed. When it comes to aviation logo design, you should focus on a typeface that conveys security, stability, and strength.

Serif type fonts exude respectability. To elicit a company that is dedicated to trust and reliability, a serif type font may be just the ticket.


Just as typography conveys a subtle message, so too does your logo’s color palette, and a majority of consumers will associate particular hues to intrinsic, but distinct, emotions.

Red is associated with strength and courage, and blue is deemed a soothing and steady accompaniment to this fascinating hue. Further, consumers often deem blue a color of calmness, trustworthiness, efficiency, and intelligence… all of which are invaluable qualities that individuals seek from airline professionals.

While red and blue are tried and tested classic tones within the industry, there are other shades you may want to consider. Green offers an aura of peace, restoration, and balance. Purple represents regality and denotes luxury. And consumers immediately associate orange with safety and comfort.

Black, on the other hand, lends an air of sophistication and stability. White is pure, clean, and cultured. Brown is perceived as steady and warm. However, brown may also contain undertones of being rustic and unsophisticated, which is not the most beneficial or desired branding within the aviation industry.


Designing logos is a careful balancing act. While you want consumers to retain a sense of protection and security, you may also want to incorporate a sense of innovation. Attracting passengers to board a sleek aircraft (a mere metal tube hurtling through the air at frightening speeds), may be complicated. But the abundance of profitable logos currently flooding the aviation landscape proves that it is indeed possible.

The industry’s most distinct logos are eye-catching and effortlessly recognizable. To ensure you achieve prominence, Logo Coast will assign a team of dedicated design experts to assist you with creating the best design possible. We strive to operate at your disposal, and will coordinate efforts to develop branding that appeals to both you and the target audience.

Logo Design for Plumber

Plumbing Logo Design

By Logo Design

Plumbing Logo Design – Be Unique

Whether you are an independent contractor who makes house calls, a team member who helps maintain plumbing on behalf of a company, or the owner of a business that contracts to massive corporate locations, the plumbing solutions you supply make up only part of the overall business entity. In order to compete in the current marketplace, your business enterprise requires a face. That is where owning a professional plumbing logo design comes to play.

By harnessing the immense potential of imagery and wordplay, plumbing logo design has the ability to differentiate your solutions from the hundreds and thousands of competitors contending within the same market – a market with a limited amount of at home service calls, construction jobs, and remodel opportunities. By clearly presenting the mission of your business, you stand to be unique.

Five Ideas for Generating Timeless Plumbing Logo Design

From kitchen sinks and bathroom showers, to hotel toilets and casino drainage systems, the plumber profession is extremely particular (and under-appreciated, in our opinion!). No matter your specialty, it’s important to let everyone know what makes your company unique. Here are five ideas to consider while going through the design process of a plumbing logo:

1. Select verbiage and photos that highlight your area of expertise

Regardless of whether your speciality is swimming pool + jacuzzi maintenance, you promote and install eco-friendly plumbing solutions, or simply deliver an extensive menu of essential services, select images that revolve around your niche. Common plumbing icons often include wrenches, pliers, pipes, tool boxes, and of course water droplets.

2. Use bold images

To help your plumbing logo flourish, select symbols that are regularly associated with the plumbing industry and can be easily identified. To see what type of imagery is being successfully implemented by other industry leaders, spend a little bit of time browsing local or national solutions on the internet. This will help you gauge effective designs, and build a personal catalogue of photos and images to include within your project brief.

3. Generate a robust, balanced design

Clutter tends to make logos difficult to understand, and due to their intricacies, are easy to forget. When you are brainstorming graphics / layout ideas, it’s always recommended to keep things minimal. Try to use one main symbol that successfully spotlights your strengths, and complement it with a typeface that does not become overwhelmed by the imagery.

4. Select persuasive colors

Colors bear a considerable amount of value within a logo design. They have the capacity to prompt emotional and psychological responses from your audience. Strong, bold colors have been proven to convey trust, authority, and intelligence. Therefore, major shades of blue, red, and green are a few of the most common hues found within the plumbing sector.

5. Ensure the design translates well to B&W

In order to reach a widespread audience, your plumbing logo should be featured across an endless array of marketing materials… from websites and email newsletters, right through to newspaper advertisements, phone book entries, and business cards. With higher costs for color printing (and bearing in mind that not all media is presented in color), your logo must be equally attractive in black and white. Pay special consideration to your choice of layout, particularly when images and words overlap, to ensure the quality is exceptional and no details are lost when the logo is converted to grayscale.

Logo Design for Personal Trainer

Personal Training Logo Design

By Logo Design

Personal Training Logo Design – Real Results

The personal training industry is booming. It’s important to identify your strengths (no pun intended), and brand yourself so you stand apart from the crowd. There’s no better way to do this than by developing an impactful and memorable logo.

Once you’ve decided it’s time for a killer logo design, how do you go about getting one? If you are familiar with Illustrator or Photoshop, you could always try going through the design process yourself. Or if you don’t have access to thousands of dollars worth of software, you could certainly try crowd sourcing… and watch as dozens of amateur designers recycle the exact same design over and over (more information available here). No matter what path you do decide to take (did we mention we provide affordable, professional logo design?), the fact remains that the briefing process deserves a great deal of attention.

No one knows your business better than yourself, and the project brief is a great opportunity to share information about your company, competition, and goals. If you have samples of concepts you enjoy or dislike this type of feedback is extremely constructive to the process. The more info a designer has access to, the more the ideas will begin to flow.

Individual Trainer Logo Ideas

It’s no secret that a personal trainer logo design is exactly what people will see when forming a first opinion of your business. You must put this logo to work for you (as it essentially functions as a salesperson), since it will constantly be selling your business and service.

Take a look at some of the personal trainer logos that are already out there and decide for yourself whether they successfully sell the service or not. If a logo makes you think positively about the business and is clean, clear, and bold (not to mention instantly tells you what the company represents), then the logo has done its job.

Logo Design for Pet Shop

Pet Logo Design

By Logo Design

Pet Logo Design – Positive Passion

What better way to express your love for animals and pets than by having a custom logo design? If you are in the business of selling pet goods / supplies, training services, or even pet care solutions, it would be a great advantage if you owned a logo that would help ensure you are remembered. When this logo expresses just how much animals and pets mean to you, this makes it even stronger and creates a very positive impact with your target audience.

We would love the opportunity to strengthen your brand with a logo that expresses your life’s passion. We’ll help you convey a wide variety of character traits and qualifications:

  • Empathy for animals
  • Care in tending to beloved pets
  • Reliability in delivering products and solutions
  • Sensitivity to pet owners and animal lovers

Your logo will reflect your strengths and services and it will be a valuable asset to be used throughout brand merchandise, client communications, signage, advertising, and much more. It doesn’t matter if your company is a small mom & pop shop or a growing enterprise, our logo designers can give you a logo that is creative, relevant, impactful, and memorable.

Take a look at some of the top pet logo design and you’ll be able to witness firsthand the type of impact that a high quality design can make. When you work with us here at Logo Coast, rest assured that we will design a logo that will stand the test of time. Our experts will work closely with you throughout the process and deliver a pixel perfect design.

Logo Design for Food

Food Logo Design

By Logo Design

Food Logo Design – Tasteful Branding

The United States is (undesirably) recognized for being one of the leaders when it comes to fast food consumption. This explains why our markets are starting to evolve and expand with a wide range of exemplary food selections. While attempting to figure out an exact formula to succeed is an ongoing challenge, food logo design definitely is a contributing factor. With branding aimed at capturing the client’s attention and appealing to their taste and vision, companies can get a leg up on the competition. Fortunately, this happens to be one of the most beneficial and inexpensive forms of advertising and marketing.

There is a wide variety of businesses out there, and as a result a plethora of options for logos in the food and beverages industry. Oftentimes, this leaves business owners perplexed and stressed about which direction they should take their design. If you look through the top designs of the industry, you’ll see exactly how companies excel with branding and why logo design is a golden opportunity to showcase your specialty and uniqueness.

Clean, Custom, and Professional Concepts

If you own a business that resides within a unique niche, you can play to your strengths by getting your logo designed by experts who understand your business, goals, and values. If your business specializes in and sells a one of a kind product, our dedicated team can highlight your area of expertise and customize a design to your exact requirements. This will help you connect with your target client base, making it that much easier for buyers to not only discover you but instantly gain trust in the service you provide.

A great way to individualize your company is to go with a theme or an idea that reflects your unique business approach and clientele. If you feature a nostalgic, throwback theme, this can be expressed through a bright and lively logo that is reminiscent of older (happier) times. If your company has a wholesome, natural vibe to it, this can certainly be spotlighted throughout your brand identity. Using earthy shades like browns, soft pigments, and even plant-based imagery can be used to achieve the look.

If we go by the latest trends, green is the new black! Other graphics that express a nature-friendly environment are sunshine, the earth, and open-aired (abstract) circular styles. With the recent uptick in consumers seeking vegetarian, organic, and other health conscious choices, displaying a committed effort to improve health could really boost sales and highlight your business’s respectable mission. Whatever your personal choice of design / idea, it is crucial that you communicate this to your designer to enable them to create a food logo design that is perfect for you.

Build a Better Business

Despite the competition, the food industry does come with its advantages. Advertising within this industry is not restricted by colors or forms. In fact, the spectrum is as broad as it can be, giving you the opportunity to explore and customize your logo exactly the way you see fit. Your business’s color palette and style can be conveyed in a professional yet attractive way, grabbing the attention of your targeted clients.

As mentioned, the food and beverage sector is extremely competitive as new businesses spring up daily (with just as many folding nearly as quickly). Nudge your small-sale business, start-up, or enterprise in the desired direction by starting right. Get your logo and brand designed by a skilled artist. Having a food logo design that reflects who you are is one of the most creative and personal ways to draw people in. With the right tools and help, you can not only nurture your business but drive it toward reaching its full potential.

Logo Design for Orthodontics

Orthodontic Logo Design

By Logo Design

Orthodontic Logo Design – Picture Perfect

Orthodontists are becoming more and more popular which is anything but a surprise considering how important looks are in today’s world. People with dental irregularities want to make sure their teeth (and more importantly, smiles) are picture-perfect. Doesn’t it make sense to effectively market your orthodontic practice and skills to potential customers?

One of the best ways to create a positive impact with your branding campaign is through your logo design. This logo needs to tell the viewer exactly what your practice offers… and a memorable logo will help ensure that you are remembered when it comes time for customers to make the call.

In order to make sure your logo is successful, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Let’s take a look at the design elements that contribute to a great concept.

Selecting Imagery

It’s definitely not easy, but choosing captivating imagery is a must if you want a great logo. An image that is simple (yet strong) has been proven to efficiently communicate the topic at hand. Images that revolve around teeth and braces are pretty self explanatory, and of course the logo needs to be clean. You also need to have a good idea of what your competitors’ logos look like so you don’t accidentally wind up with a design that looks too similar.

Optimal Color Palette

Orthodontic logo design demands colors that reflect the tone of the business at hand. Colors that are light, sensitive, and suggest care are ideal. These softer shades transfer their emotion to the brand – feelings of comfort, trust, and protection.

You will find that the colors most often used are pink, yellow, white, and occasionally softer shades of blue and green. Professional logo designers will tell you that it is best to use two to three colors in the logo design to help avoid it from becoming too busy. Colors that are too bold and bright can make the logo seem a bit aggressive / over the top.

Typography and General Orthodontic Logo Design Recommendations

One of the unsung heroes of the logo design world is typography. With a plethora of options available, there is a huge opportunity to create impact and showcase some of the top goals of the company. Da Font is a great resource when it comes to free and commercial font selection.

Your business name should always shine light upon your top services and vision. If the name is a bit vague, adding a slogan to help clarify the nature of the business is also an option. Be careful not to get too wordy with the text as a long business name + slogan can begin to limit design options.

Logo Design for Automotive Company

Automotive Logo Design

By Logo Design

Automotive Logo Design — Brand Image

Branding is a significant challenge for businesses, especially for those in the automotive industry. The logo of a firm (also known as the brand image) can secure a distinct identity for the business among its competitors. It takes time and effort to distinguish your business from the rest, and ultimately win the trust of your end customers.

It’s no secret that a logo is the most essential element to a marketing campaign. A logo helps firmly anchor a company’s brand. It is the single, most prominent graphic embodiment of a business’ work ethic.

Corporate logos serve as the face of the company in the market at large. Logos graphically display the unique identity of a firm, driving home the essential information about the company. Logos are printed or placed in all the digital and print materials used for communication and market promotion. They are continuously engaged in non-verbal communication with the audience as a highly potent representative of the company.

Automotive Logo design – Professionals Required

The logo of a company is meant to create strides in the marketplace. It should help the company win the tough bids against stiff competition. Most success stories in business are linked to logos that speak powerful messages and create impact. As you can imagine, a lot of consideration goes into designing a successful logo. As such, designing a logo is the job of skilled professionals who are experienced in the art of making a statement.

Creating a logo is both an art and a science. You need to be proficient in the designing technology and well versed with the current trends, fashions, and expectations of the business. Logos carry a great amount of symbolism in terms of its images, fonts, colors, and graphics. Every single aspect of a logo must follow a careful thought process facilitated by a deep understanding of the customer psychology and the market trends.

Logo Coast – Why Us?

Here at Logo Coast, our capabilities in the arena of automotive logo design have been well recognized by our customer base. Investing in a great logo can give you both immediate and long-term returns. It secures your brand a strong reputation and it can convert leads into sales. Call us today for any of your logo (or graphic design) requirements. We would be happy to work together in order to help achieve your goals.

Logo Design for Eye Business

Eye Logo Design

By Logo Design

Logos with Eye Imagery

Considering that a logo design is the key branding element in every business, it is important to ensure that your logo is clean and professional. As soon as a prospective customer sees a logo, they should easily be able to connect it with the appropriate industry. Businesses such as photography and eye care are perfect candidates for eye icons, and the image of the eye can certainly thrive as the focal piece of the design. Even if the exact specialty of the business is not mentioned (for example within a tagline), people must be able to instantly recognize the overall field.

Logo Design for Vet

Veterinary Logo Design

By Logo Design

Veterinary Logo Design – Uplifting Solutions

As a vet (in a field where the competition is stiff), your practice is about much more than treating sick animals. You must continually remain mindful of the needs of pet owners and efficiently convey the solutions you provide. In other words, you need to properly position yourself within the marketplace. This is why it is vital that you brand yourself, and boast a logo that is uplifting and memorable.

What does your logo say about you?

Understanding the importance of a logo is crucial to the success of every business. It’s imperative to continually assess exactly how your logo / branding is connecting with your audience, and ultimately performing. Every business owner needs to make sure the imagery that goes into their logo reflects exactly what they specialize in, and possibly even hints at a few of the top services being provided. If you specialize in treatment for one particular animal, then let’s make sure that is the most prominent element featured in the design.

If you are worried about being too conservative, you can always customize the design further by infusing your personal preferences into the graphic treatment. Many vet hospitals will include an abstract image like a shield (which is a universal symbol for protection). Despite the fact that it is a very popular icon, there are many ways to breathe new life into a commonplace idea.

Logo Design for TV

TV Logo Design

By Logo Design

TV Logo Design, Movie Logo Design, and Typography

When it comes to television, you remember all of the characters in your favorite shows. You also remember the title, soundtrack, catch phrases, even the introduction. If there’s a relevant logo incorporated, you will remember it as well. If a TV show uses a logo in a clever manner, it will reinforce everything else in the show and make the entire experience more memorable. Take a look at the top shows today and you’ll notice the way in which they utilize typography in such an incredible manner. Simply selecting a font that harmonizes with the theme of the program can achieve wonders.

Movies aren’t any different. Whether a big motion picture or an independent film, the logo has an equal opportunity to make an impact. When a logo for the film world is designed, film related symbols are likely to be used… but how they are presented is what makes the difference. What all film makers desire is for their logo to be different, unique and creative. It’s all about style.

Here at Logo Coast, we are constantly following the trends of the tv/movie industry. If you are in the market for a top-notch design that will be sure to help set the tone for your business/idea, we would love to work together and achieve your goals.

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