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Logo Design for Restaurant

Restaurant Logo Design

By Logo Design

Restaurant Logo Design – Opening Doors

From street signage to direct advertising, print menus to online social media – your restaurant logo design is a key component and building block for your business branding. It is absolutely essential that the logo design process receive the attention it deserves.

Your logo is what identifies you with your customers. It is the lone mark that represents everything you stand for, and it will be what allows you to form deep connections with your target audience. Once you are in possession of a beautiful design, doors begin to open. It creates an opportunity to promote your business with the confidence required to succeed.

The truth is that many businesses don’t take the opportunity to use their logo to its fullest potential. Whether you are in the process of opening your first restaurant or considering a rebranding under new management, you need a logo that will stand out and truly shine. Don’t be left behind… contact Logo Coast today!

Logo Design for Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Logo Design

By Logo Design

Real Estate Logo Design – Distinguish Your Brand

Let’s face it – a strong logo has become an absolute must for anyone in the real estate industry. In order to succeed, your mark needs to fuse together graphics, colors, typography, and style in order to make a strong and lasting impression. Considering how much competition is out there, this is one of the more affordable ways to help you and your business stand out from the crowd.

When considering the real estate industry, there is much more to it than just MLS listings. Of course, you need to be selling the right house… at the right time… to the right person, but you also need a level of professionalism that enables the buyer to trust that you are delivering the best value within their price range. When a logo successfully showcases strength and dignity, it helps the buyer reach that conclusion at a subconscious level.

Five Rules For Strong Real Estate Logo Design

  1. Keep to the point: If your main focus is selling homes, it’s best to make sure that your audience instantly recognizes it as such.
  2. Use imagery to tell your story: Your images must help the buyer connect with the fact that you are a real estate agent. If your business is more than just buying and selling (for example if you offer financial assistance and other services), then try and utilize your design to express this. If images cannot achieve this on their own, that’s what the slogan/tagline is for.
  3. Be relevant: This is extremely important today because if you are not relevant, prospective clients will ignore you. It’s important to make sure your logo takes into account all the clients you would like to target. This might include young entrepreneurs, families from a particular ethnicity, or even newlyweds. It’s imperative to determine your target audience and appeal to them accordingly.
  4. Choose the right colors and fonts: Colors should reflect your particular real estate niche. If you are mainly selling beach properties, blue would be a great choice to tap into an ocean theme. If you specialize in corporate real estate, you might want to entertain colors that are more conservative like navy blue or gray. When it comes to fonts, again you’ll need to consider your target audience… but if in doubt, you can always stick to sans serif fonts (which appeal well to a wide variety of people).
  5. Make it unique: Your logo design must be original in order to stand out from the competition. However, you should keep in mind that the main imagery and text should not deviate too far from your core business.

Keeping the above parameters in mind, we would love to work with you to develop a creative, one-of-a-kind logo for your business! Feel free to contact us today and we can get the briefing process started.

Logo Design for Marketing Agency

Marketing Logo Design

By Logo Design

Marketing Logo Design – Lead By Example

Companies that work with marketing are under a microscope when it comes to branding. If a marketing agency has a poor logo design, how can they possibly expect their clients to trust them? When you have a well designed logo that is unique and memorable, clients can rest assured that you have the means to achieve goals and get the job done right.

Types of Marketing Logo Design

There are three types of logos that exist:

1) Typography-based logos: These logos rely exclusively on typefaces to convey their message and will often use the company’s name, fonts, and colors in a unique way.
2) Illustrative (graphic) logos: These logos will use images / imagery to depict the kind of business your agency is involved with.
3) Abstract graphic logos: These logos will use images or shapes that will be a bit more subtle when it comes to hinting at your company values, history, or pretty much any type of company goals.

Of course, the above classifications are rather simplistic. More often that not, a well developed logo may even consist of elements from a few different categories.

The Psychology Of Colors

It’s amazing how color affects people as each color has its own set of feelings that it evokes. Here’s a look at how some colors will commonly affect the audience:

– Red usually symbolizes passion, strength, and emotional intensity
– Blue is rather soothing and reminds us of loyalty
– Yellow is the color of optimism and is uplifting

Color psychology is very different around the world so keep that in mind if you are dealing with global clients who come from different cultures. If you are ever looking for inspiration Adobe Kuler is a tremendous resource that can help you create inventive palettes which can generate a lot of interest and successfully express your company’s personality.

Logo Typography

There are many options within the logo design realm when it comes to the use of typography. However, you need to be very clear about what your marketing logo design needs to achieve otherwise you will end up with endless amounts of choices and no clear direction or focus.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to decide on the overall typeface style. Here are the most broad category options:

– Serif types (most of the letters have serifs or little feet
– Sans serif (quite simply, the letters are without serifs)
– Slab serif (the letters will consist of serifs which are a bit more heavy)
– Script (which consists of cursive types)

One of the above will definitely match what your logo design needs to convey. For example, a sans serif style has a very modern look that is often a great fit for younger companies like start-ups. On the other hand, a slab serif style has a far more conservative feel that would best suit a business that is a bit more established. The more you know about typefaces and typography, the easier it will be for you to communicate with a graphic designer.

With all that said, please keep in mind that we welcome business from everyone! We’ve successfully worked with clients of all types (those who have a very specific vision in mind, those who want absolutely nothing to do with the design process, and those who find themselves somewhere in between). Regardless of the situation, we can help develop a logo / branding identity that will help your business succeed for years to come.

Logo Design for Hunting Company

Hunting Logo Design

By Logo Design

Hunting Logo Design – Custom & Original

When it comes to hunting lodges, guides, or outfitters, Logo Coast is here to help. All of the logos we design for our clients are 100% custom and original. Our designs will suit your business as well as take into account the personal preferences you enjoy. We will do the research necessary to gain a true understanding of your vision, then translate that into a well developed concept in order for your dream to become a reality.

Let’s face it, (almost) every business knows the value of a great logo design. Today, it is as important as your business name, internet address, or phone number. Everywhere we look, we see logos – on TV, in print, in stores, and on billboards. Some we’ve known and loved for years, while others make an impact the first time we see them. Regardless of where we discovered them, we often can successfully recall exactly what the top logos stand for, as well as the products/brands they represent. With a professionally designed logo from Logo Coast, you can own a design that is just as memorable and helps take your business to the next level.

Logo Design for Healthcare

Healthcare Logo Design

By Logo Design

Healthcare Logo Design – Clean Branding

When health or medical logos are being designed, one must keep in mind exactly what services are being offered by that particular facility. These logos not only have to cater to the expected industry standard, but likely should also hone in on any specialties that may exist.

**Take a look at the logos of the Red Cross or Mayo Clinic and you will see why people connect with them so effortlessly.

Logo Design – On a Mission

A company’s logo is its mission statement (in essence), and it needs to convey not only what the company does but also the nature of the organization. Any healthcare logo design must use fonts, typefaces, and colors that evoke the feelings of care and safety. The colors that are generally associated with these are blue, green, red, and gray. If you were to browse through some of the well known logos in the health, medical, and wellness areas, you’d see how well they represent each company and their particular strengths.

Hire a Professional

The medical niche requires graphic design specialists to create and craft designs that are relevant and inspiring. You’ll find many of these designers will wisely utilize blues and greens to exude a clear, clean look. Green has long been a symbol of immortality and resurrection and that is why more and more health facilities and pharmaceutical brands are using it in their logos.

However, if you prefer to go against the grain, there are origami-themed logo designs surfacing and these could be a fresh, new direction to consider when it comes to your business. More and more designers are starting to use this art as inspiration, so this is a good time to get in early on a progressive movement within the industry.

Logo Design for Building Company

Builder Logo Design

By Logo Design

Builder Logo Design – Keep it Simple

Logo design needs to be eye-catching in order to attract customers. If there is even a single underlying negative connotation being linked to your design (regardless of how subtle), you are losing business. In such a highly competitive market, customers always have the option to just move on to another builder. It is undeniably important to make sure that a great deal of thought and effort goes into every builder logo design.

Where to Begin?

The starting point should be simplicity. A builder’s logo design doesn’t need to be complex, but merely needs to include the shapes or outlines of aesthetically pleasing structures. This will be sure to make it obvious to everyone exactly what business the company is engaged in. The logo design can be basic in terms of colors and even a single color can create plenty of impact.

Many of the top builder logo designs available on the internet possess the aforementioned characteristics and if you take a closer look, you’ll see that they all convey a similar message. If you keep these characteristics in mind you can’t go wrong when choosing your own custom builder’s logo design.

Here to Help

With packages that include up to 5 initial concepts, we would love to help you explore many different solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on providing you with a full assortment of design options so that you can find a design that not only works for your business, but for you.

Logo Design for Banks

Bank Logo Design

By Logo Design

Bank Logo Design – Dependable Design

Any business that is entrusted with looking after other people’s money has to be perceived as a trustworthy, reliable, dependable and dedicated organization. They must convey that they will continuously adhere to high standards of quality and integrity.

…What better way to reflect these qualities than with a high caliber logo design? When it comes to first impressions, there’s nothing quite like the logo that is able to put the best foot forward of a company. Bank logo designs need to be crafted with a great deal of thought and if one were to look at a number of logo designs of banks and finance companies across the world, all of them use colors and imagery that reinforce trust.

Logo Design Versatility

Your bank logo design needs to communicate with the audience and it needs to do so across all media – be it TV commercials, bumper stickers, retail outlet signs, or even giveaways. Very often, all a potential client will see is the logo and this makes it extremely important for it to communicate a positive and impactful message. When a bank logo achieves this, the possibilities of the number of places it can be used (to continue influencing clients to join) are endless.

Minimal Logo Design – Tried and Tested

Banking services and financial institutions need logo designs that are strong and convincing. Take a look at some of the logos of organizations that fall within this category: Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Charles Schwab, Essential Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Barclay’s, Chase Manhattan Bank, SunTrust, Citibank and Bank of New Zealand. Every one of them has a logo design that is unique and relevant to the company.

For example, the logo of Bank of New Zealand consists of just three initials ‘bnz’, with a blue color palette (that represents trust and loyalty). That’s it! That’s all it takes to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Granted, there is certainly more that is coming into play (typography, layout, kerning, etc), but the logos that stand the test of time are very often those who achieve their goal with the least amount of bells and whistles.

Logo Design for Car Dealership

Car Dealer Logo Design

By Logo Design

Car Dealer Logo Design – Build Trust

As every car dealer is likely aware, the auto industry is extremely competitive. With this in mind, it’s imperative to own a logo that jumps out amidst the sea of competitors. Auto dealership logos are a key component of an effective organization and also help build a strong community base.

Distinct Car Dealer Logo Design

Potential customers always tend to be attracted to bold, straightforward imagery. Designers should never pursue an overly complex design, as this tends to become less memorable (not to mention will fail to reproduce well at smaller sizes). Any picture used in developing auto dealer logos must convey a sense of trust and dependability. Anyone purchasing a car wants to know they are in good hands if anything goes wrong. Consumers also want a dealer that proves to be loyal to their clients and provides the best of services.

Selecting Proper Typography

While your sales can certainly influence font selection (*cough* target audience *cough*), it’s safe to say that going with a strong, bold font can often serve as a fallback for many businesses. A bold font will remain within the thoughts of auto purchasers and also have a tendency to supply a feeling of protection and power. Considering signage is a huge part of the industry, wielding a bold logo will surely have many benefits that may not yet even be anticipated.

Auto Dealer Logo Color Palette

Color immediately affects the impact of an auto logo and should always be given thorough thought and consideration. Auto logos need to incorporate colors that signify power and velocity. Many of the most preferred color selections for instilling this feeling are black, red, and green. They are also a few of the most popular color selections in car purchases.

Logo Design for Apparel Company

Apparel Logo Design

By Logo Design

Apparel Logo Design – Premium Style

The fashion industry is known for its punchy and trend-setting logos. These graphic designs strive to capture the core essence of a firm and make a memorable statement along the way.

Fashion is all about self-confidence, as well as harnessing the raw self-expression that begs to stand out from the competition. The very last thing anyone desires is to be a follower (the complete opposite of cutting edge). Whether it be through a logo design, illustration, or the actual clothes themselves… it’s imperative to be original.

Clothing and fashion logos are witnessed all over the place, from people boasting their own hand-tailored creation, all the way to sporting the top celebrity endorsements. If you desire to win over an audience and make a statement, it is specifically true in this industry that a picture is worth a thousand words.

A symbol is exactly what unites an outfit and style. No matter if your outfit is a bold expression of self, or perhaps a sign of rebellion, the logo is always an important part of the design.

An Original Apparel Logo Design can serve as a Trademark

Experienced graphic design and style can help any business, from startup to corporation. A group of well-organized, inventive artists can help conceptualize the articles of clothing being developed and even contribute to the direction of the entire line.

Our qualified logo and graphic designers will be with you every step of the way to help make sure your identity is recognizable and fresh.

Logo Design for Farm

Farm Logo Design

By Logo Design

Farm Logo Design – Healthy Branding

Farming and Agriculture businesses are typically observed as “behind the scene”. Buyers encounter their many products in the grocery aisles, but hardly ever encounter the original mark of the producer. Despite the fact that farmers might not deal directly with end consumers, there is plenty of Business to Business (B2B) that occurs, and therefore owning an efficient logo is vital.

What Must a Farm Logo Design Convey?

The farming sector is all about promoting healthy living and delivering quality sustenance, so company logos within this sector must reflect these key values. Buyers seldom research farmers or their particular practices, so instead they are going to rely on logos in order to form an impression of the company’s credibility. With this in mind, it is critical that logos present a firm as considerate, health-conscious, and wholesome. An efficient logo design will paint an enterprise as one which delivers solutions.

Designed to Secure a Target Audience

While you’ll find some similarities between farming & agricultural companies, it truly is significant to think about the target audience for each unique organization. Successfully identifying your target audience can help you build a logo that speaks directly to them.

A dairy enterprise, for example, may well strive to appeal to the mass majority of households. It’ll appear to position itself within the marketplace as nurturing and warm. On the other hand, a tractor firm will choose to appeal to businesses and farmers. It might choose to make a logo which represents professionalism and functionality.

The Ideal Words

Small firms hardly ever possess the corporate clout of large scale organizations. They typically need to go to extra lengths in order to produce brand awareness. Integrating a focused tagline is definitely a successful technique that will help buyers connect the firm with the visuals they select.

Some organizations choose to ignore this concept and solely make a logo consisting of their organization name. It’s true that this could aid customers concentrate on and eventually recall the brand name, though it will be easier to overlook initially (without a very descriptive graphic to complement).

Bold Typography and Focused Imagery

The typeface you select can say a great deal about your corporation. Significant, bold typefaces are usually employed by corporations within this sector. These typefaces are extremely clear and legible, even when the business logo is being reproduced on a much smaller scale (or even in black and white). In addition to this it’s important to remember that your logo should always look good under any situation, so elaborate illustrations should be used with caution.

An efficient farm logo design is definitely a perfect method to give an otherwise faceless farming/agriculture company a defined and clear identity. Get in touch with Logo Coast today in order to find out how our team can produce the most effective logo to successfully represent your enterprise.

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