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Logo Design for Education

Education Logo Design

By Logo Design

Education Logo Design – Inspiring Impressions

Schools, colleges, tutors, and other educational providers are all selling a very sought after commodity (knowledge), but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a top education logo design to help them do it. The National Center for Education shows that close to 100,000 public schools and over 7,000 colleges and universities compete for the opportunity to educate America’s next generation. An original, efficient logo can help an institute stand apart from its competition.

What Should Your Logo Do?

Many individuals will encounter your logo before they even make contact with the board of education or any other representatives. You logo will help potential students and their families develop an inspiring initial impression of your institution. Know that your logo will serve as the face of your institution, and commit to one that will succeed.

Your logo should be flexible enough to apply across an assortment of applications. This is especially relevant to college logos, where branded apparel, stationery, and accessories, amongst many other materials, are implemented to foster campus pride and loyalty. An outstanding logo will look classic, whether featured at home, on campus, or on merchandise. In addition, it will be equally effective when scaled down and printed on business cards and letterheads, or when scaled up and printed on billboards at the football stadium.

An education logo design also fosters college spirit. Students connect to their school logo, and this is a bond that lasts beyond graduation. A compelling logo unites a college with its community, so it is important that the design is meticulously crafted.

Education Imagery

Symbols such as books, pencils, pens, and academic caps are commonly associated with the classroom environment. These items have a long history with schooling, and are often used in education logos. Owls are also a popular choice, as they are a powerful symbol of wisdom.

Almost any image could be a suitable logo component when properly applied to the design, and it is up to professional designers to create such unique branding for educational institutions. A distinctive logo may feature individual elements such as your local flora or fauna, school mascot, or even notable campus architecture.

Using Color to Reflect Students

Vivid primary colors are generally employed for early childhood education, as these hues are often associated with the energy and optimism of educating young children. These vibrant colors work particularly well with cartoon-style graphics, such as toys, building blocks, or handprints.

On the other hand, tertiary institutions frequently implement deeper tones, including burgundy, emerald green, and navy. These colors are more mature, sophisticated, and bold, and are liberally applied to a school’s branding, such as sporting uniforms, merchandise, and apparel.

Colors are indeed an essential method of creating a unique identity. However, a logo must remain functional even when in black and white. Official letterheads and other print media often lack color, so you must consider an effective education logo that is also recognizable in grayscale.

Competition is fierce among America’s abundance of educational institutions, but an exclusive and effective logo compiled by Logo Coast can provide your school with the leading edge it deserves.

Logo Design for Construction Company

Construction Logo Design

By Logo Design

Construction Logo Design – Brand Building

A construction logo design is a significant part of your brand, as it is usually the very first thing a potential client will see. Not only is a beautiful logo a key ingredient when launching a new construction business, but it also will prove crucial during future growth. It is sure to establish your company as a solid, trustworthy service provider. It is your exclusive identity.

If you’re part of a construction enterprise then you know how critical it is for buildings to be built on strong foundations. Here at Logo Coast, we believe that there’s no better way to start your enterprise than with a strong logo foundation to forward its branding.

Why Invest in a Logo?

Customers remember businesses by their logo. By getting an expert construction logo design, people will instantly be able to recall your business which helps you convert leads and grow your business. Your design will also enable you to establish your presence as an authority / industry leader.

A logo design is your very own outward-facing business representative. If ideally designed, it can present an image of an established business, as well as portray you as trustworthy and service oriented. You can even attract new consumers by providing them with a graphic illustration they will not forget!

Color Palette – Choose Wisely

Construction owners wish to convey a sense of safety. The mission of your business is to deliver stability and shelter, so try to stay away from using several colors (as this can come off as a bit too chaotic). Instead, opt for corporate colors such as red, magenta, brown, and white. These are the colors that the brain associates with bricks and buildings.

How Logos Take Shape

Once you have a solid idea of what information you wish to incorporate inside your logo, you can always take your ideas to a professional design firm like Logo Coast. We provide you with a group of up to three skilled logo creators for your project. We average about three to five working days to create your initial concepts, which is then followed by a window for you to decide on your favorite logo and make requests for any adjustments.

The appropriate logo will jump-start any enterprise. It can bring in new clients and can provide an opportunity for current customers to refer you to other individuals. It is sure to put you ahead of other enterprises in your field and set you apart from the competition. When people see your logo they will know precisely who you are and what you do. This can be called ‘brand recognition’ and is exactly what your entire marketing effort is all about.

Logo Design for Corporation

Corporate Logo Design

By Logo Design

Corporate Logo Design – Create Connections

The corporate world is typically criticized for being faceless. However, organizations can counter this notion with the right corporate logo design. An outstanding logo acts as the face of a business by visually delivering details that enables consumers to connect with your brand. The world’s top logos can retain existing customers, as well as attract the next generation. Read on to find out about the components of your logo that can capture the interest of existing and potential supporters.

Why Have a Corporate Logo?

Logos help consumers to easily identify your business. They can appear in advertisements, websites, business cards, storefronts, packaging, as well as formal correspondence. The more they see your logo, the more consumers will become familiar with it. This will enable them to effortlessly recall your company and its services when they’re in need of solutions.

An exceptional logo also serves as the centerpiece of any marketing campaign. The color, font, and imagery (alongside many other components), should be incorporated in all business materials. These include flyers, websites, email signatures, and merchandise. This sort of consistency and recurring exposure will enable your business to develop and hone a unique corporate identity.

Principles of Great Logo Design

A logo does not necessarily need to explicitly convey what a company does. In fact, 94% of the world’s leading logos are relatively abstract. However, a logo must still remain relevant to its target demographic. For example, a toy store franchise may implement bright colors and bold fonts to capture the imagination of its young audience. However, this strategy would not be suitable for a law firm or national bank.

The Value of Color

It is no accident that certain colors are abundant in certain corporate industries. Cool hues are routinely noticed in business industries, including technology, finance, and the legal sector. In contrast, warm colors are commonly applied to more casual corporations, such as fast food chains, entertainment providers, and beauty salons.

The psychology of color reveals how large corporate players select specific colors to create noticeable and memorable logo designs. Blue implies trust and strength, so it is unsurprising to see that it has been implemented within a third of the world’s top 50 brand logos. These include Facebook, Intel, and American Express. Red is an energetic color, which is said to increase appetite and cravings. Therefore, it is no accident that it is dominantly featured in the logos of major food chains such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and Heinz.

The shade and vividness of the colors you choose can also affect the feelings you evoke. Hot pink is a lively and vigorous color used by brands such as Barbie and T-Mobile (learn more here). On the other hand, when toned down, pink may be gentle and sentimental, as demonstrated by the Pink Ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness.

While colors are capable of making robust statements, when it comes to corporate logos, less is more. Only a handful of firms have successfully implemented an array of colors within a boldly designed brand image. In actuality, less than 5% of the world’s 50 most thriving organizations display logos that contain more than two colors.

Contact Today

Contact Logo Coast today to hire a highly dedicated team of professional designers. You will receive customer service of the utmost integrity and immediately start working towards reaching the best corporate logo design possible. If you’re looking for an affordable way to help your business boom, this is it!

Logo Design for Computer Company

Computer Logo Design

By Logo Design

Computer Logo Design – IT Solutions

The information technology and computer industry sees competition between some of the world’s fastest growing businesses. Individual companies usually select computer logo design that focuses on creativity, intelligence, and optimism. They are committed to forging a better world, and therefore need to promote themselves so that consumers are drawn to their products and services.

Operating in such a competitive industry means that you will want a logo that helps your business stand out. Online marketers, technicians, and start-up companies place huge amounts of pressure on business owners to keep up with the most current ideas in order to appear trendy and hip.

It’s no secret that this might not be the easiest task to achieve. However, by incorporating the proper design elements, designers can produce a computer logo design that complements your business’s individuality and target demographic.

Colors Found in Information Technology Logos

Many technical firms have logos that incorporate an abundance of red in either their text or images. According to color psychology, red elicits positive feelings such as excitement, strength, and energy. It makes sense that so many companies would want red in their logos, as businesses working within the limits of technology depend on these ideals.

Blue is another color that is commonly used by computer and information technology businesses. Blue is an intellectual, trustworthy, and serene hue. It is a shade that suggests to customers that you are a dependable company with effective solutions.

Typography in Computer and IT Logos

Modern technology businesses expectedly require a contemporary appearance. Consumers need to know that they are purchasing services and products from companies that keep up with the most state-of-the-art technological advancements. This is a driving factor behind why the majority of computer and information technology organizations employ sans-serif type fonts. Consumers see these fonts as modern and effective.

Conversely, serif type fonts generally cause logos to appear bulky and sluggish, and script typefaces may seem too unconventional. In order for technological companies to express that their capabilities are on the forefront of the industry, they lean towards sans serif fonts. This is an ongoing reminder to the target audience of their cutting edge ideas and solutions.

Why Work With Us?

You likely have your own ideas on how you would like to present your company’s personality and core motivations. Logo Coast offers a detailed questionnaire to each customer in order to ensure that our experienced design team will know exactly what you are looking for.

Upon completing the questionnaire, Logo Coast allocates a dedicated team of professional designers to complete your project. These team members have a collection of distinct skills that are perfectly aligned with the computer and IT industry. They will help discover the exact elements that will work well with your brand, as well as what pitfalls to avoid.

Our professionals have countless ideas and will develop a range of solutions for your business logo. Logo Coast will work tirelessly to design the perfect logo that works best for you and your business, and will deliver results both on time and within budget.

Logo Design for Cleaning Company

Cleaning Logo Design

By Logo Design

Cleaning Logo Design – Visual Identity

When you visualize bubbles and foam, what kind of business comes to mind? A logo’s ultimate purpose is to serve as an easily identifiable visual ambassador for your business. Cleaning logo design should have distinctive components that represent the service in a one-of-a-kind, memorable fashion.

Cleaning Logo Design – The Science

It may seem easy to just piece together a logo design with a little bit of text and graphics. Some businesses may attempt to build their own design in order to save a few bucks. However, when it comes to the finished product, novice logo designs can become glaringly obvious, and this will likely detract potential customers.

A logo is much more than just a nice looking icon. It serves as your company’s identity, continuously representing the brand of your business, and has the capacity to leave a lasting impression on your audience. What impression do you want to leave?

Almost every aspect of a logo design – from the font, size, shape, direction, and color – will leave an impression on potential customers. The smallest details can make a significant difference in how your business is viewed and perceived. Designers understand how to skillfully navigate these visual cues in order to create the most effective representation of who you are, and what your enterprise truly stands for.

Components of Effective Logo Design

There are no typical aspects of a logo that make it “good” or “bad”. Each and every logo is distinct and expresses a unique business and concept. However, there are some simple and effective criteria that must be met that allow it to leave a lasting impression.

1) Your logo must be easy to describe – Let us take a look at an example: To describe the Mr. Clean logo design, you might mention to someone that it consists of a strong, distinguished looking gentleman wearing clean clothes.

2) Your logo must be memorable – This will allow customers to immediately recall your business when they notice similar imagery in day-to-day situations.

3) Your logo must be scalable – This means that your logo can be easily transferred between small images on merchandise or business cards, to large productions such as billboards.

4) Your logo should have the same impact with or without color – Grayscale logos are abundant in print media such as newspaper advertisements, so it may be worthwhile to brainstorm and create some sketches in pencil before finalizing your complex and colorful design.

Work with Logo Coast

Logo Coast is just one of many online design businesses who can build your logo. However, our dedication to you and the design process is what gives us a leg up on the competition. Logo Coast assigns a devoted team to design your custom logo. We collaborate closely with you and listen intently to all your requests in order to deliver a high quality product that accurately represents your business.

Upon placing your order, it only takes us roughly three to five business days to produce a selection of sample designs for you to review. You are then invited to choose a logo that best reflects the goals of your business, and we are able to make any adjustments you wish to apply. The final product will be provided in a variety of formats for all your branding needs, and we will archive your unique design in our records in case you would ever like to adjust it, or need to retrieve it at any time.

Logo Design for Church

Church Logo Design

By Logo Design

Church Logo Design – Powerful Symbolism

While it might seem unusual to market a religious establishment, churches can reap huge rewards by going the extra mile to establish a brand name. As any marketing specialist or branding agency will tell you, developing a powerful brand starts with a sound logo design.

When developing a church logo design, you want symbolism that represents your beliefs and evokes passion within your followers. However, various factors need to be considered, such as color psychology, imagery, message, as well as typography. Below is a brief list of standard design practices that a religious establishment should consider in order to address these concerns.

Colors – The Message They Send

Comparable to how imagery can express a religious institute’s messages, faith, and principles… so too can color. Psychologically speaking, every color carries an individual connotation that can be implemented to elicit emotions, set the tone, and communicate specific information.

As you can imagine, churches are prime candidates for color palettes that convey a sense of peace. With this in mind, white is the clear selection. However, blue (with a popular expression of tranquility), and yellow (a color of hope and idealism), have both become more accepted.

Typeface – Set the Tone

Typography in your logo can directly express the mood behind your most popular scriptures and sayings. Times New Roman is a very popular (arguably overused) serif font that is believed to reflect the rich traditions of a church. The more conservative nature of the font is often particularly appealing to the older generation.

Alternatively, you can select clean, sans serif fonts, such as Myriad or Gothic. These types of fonts will come off as a bit more fresh and modern. Thus, religious institutions may consider these fonts if they wish to attract and target a more youthful audience.

Church logo design tends to achieve optimal appearance when utilizing serif or sans-serif fonts. Script can be a wonderful addition to your logo, but they do consist of a more elegant, ornate appearance which could make them illegible, especially if they are shrunk down to a smaller size.

Let Us Help – Spread the Word

Logo Coast will assign up to 3 professional designers to develop concepts for your logo. We welcome you to work closely with us throughout the process to finalize your ideal color scheme and visual arrangements. Once complete, you will receive a zip with all of the source files as well as standard jpg, pdf, and png for convenience. These different formats will allow you to implement your logo on an array of media across all sizes, ranging from stationery to billboards.

The perfect logo design will be sure to captivate your audience, and help showcase the beliefs and character traits you cherish most. By working with Logo Coast, your church will have access to the most cost effective and efficient approach to fulfilling your branding needs.

Logo Design for Charities

Charity Logo Design

By Logo Design

Charity Logo Design – Evoke Emotion

A logo has the capacity to be the most recognizable symbol for your charity, and is something that consumers / fans can remember and associate with your organization every time they see it. The visual representation that a logo brings can also add personality to your brand, as well as appeal to your target audience. Even if your charity or non-government organization already has a logo, you could think about updating and revising its design to help your entity become more modern and attractive. A good quality logo ought to have several qualities, such as meaning, flexibility, and longevity.


As you contemplate what you would like to evoke through your logo, there are numerous choices to consider. Some charities choose a minimalistic design that incorporates their brand name, and is accented by a simple shape. When it comes to charities, it is important to focus on the aspects of a logo that will elicit strong, emotional connections with the audience. A modest but explicit design will go a long way in showing what your organization is all about.


You may want to design a logo with an array of colors, but bear in mind that it needs to be appropriate for all media outputs and formats. It is therefore important to produce a versatile logo that remains visually appealing, but will also transfer seamlessly to black and white. This will ensure a logo that will appeal to any audience, regardless of whether it is in print or electronic media. These elements will promote flexibility and make it easier to create branded items for distribution.


Lasting logo design isn’t always about what you do… but also hinges on what you DON’T do. A key technique (to detract from becoming outdated) is to stay away from trendy design elements that may eventually go out of fashion. Should you feel that your logo is no longer contemporary enough, rebranding is always an option. During any rebranding campaign, it’s important to preserve at least some elements of the original design. This will allow consumers to still associate the new design with your company.

Research and Inspiration

It helps to research and understand your target demographic. Once you have a good idea who your audience is and what they like, you can then investigate how your logo compares with others on the market.

Logo Coast has a wealth of knowledge related to industry analysis, creative solutions, and brand design. Our team of skillful designers will develop a unique range of designs to choose from, and ensure you get the perfect charity logo design.

Logo Design for Business

Business Logo Design

By Logo Design

Business Logo Design – Establish Trust

Business logo design is everywhere. When you see the Apple logo, you associate it with electronics. When you see a large brown truck with hints of yellow, you realize that a package might be waiting on your porch.

A logo serves as the face of a business. It is what the public will always associate with. Developing a logo is crucial for establishing a trusting and loyal customer base.

Color Palette – Get Noticed

Selecting the appropriate color palette for your logo design will always pave the way for success. There have been a lot of studies related to the psychology of color, and how they affect people’s emotions. Black is connected to authority and power, contrary to white which commonly suggests innocence and purity. Red is often associated with intensity, yet in small amounts offers a sense of enjoyment. Blue is a color of peace, particularly when paired up with the color green, which is correlated to relaxation. Yellow is a cheerful color, but can come across as a bit harsh if used too liberally. Purple presents a luxurious vibe. Brown, with its likeness to nature and the earth, elicits trust.

Versatility Matters

Your logo should stand out in all visual media. If your logo is too intricate or contains too much text, it may be difficult to incorporate in small-print media such as business cards, brochures, or email signatures. Additionally, your logo should be bold when featured on large ads like billboards and building signs.

Newspaper advertisements are tricky, as they are almost exclusively printed in black and white. However, this medium could also be the single most effective solution for gaining exposure out in the public eye. Be sure that your design can effortlessly transfer to alternative media, and still be easily identifiable and remain eye-catching.

Logo Design Significance

Although there are no strict rules to building an effective logo, you will always find some basic requirements you should attempt to fulfill during the initial creative phase. A solid logo will effectively communicate to consumers what you specialize in and how you plan to meet and exceed their expectations, while serving to be both visually appealing and memorable.

If customers are not attracted to your concept, then they are that much more likely to do business with a competitor rather than with you. It has been found that customers often dismiss businesses based on their lack of visual appeal. Thus, if they do enjoy your logo, then you have already taken your first steps towards success.

Logo Coast has the knowledge, resources, and dedication to deliver a logo that is an excellent fit for your company. We are with you for every step of the design process to ensure that your logo captures every detail you wish to convey. Regardless of industry, we will create a business logo design of the utmost excellence. Contact us now to see how our team at Logo Coast can create you a memorable brand.

Logo Design for Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon Logo Design

By Logo Design

Beauty Salon Logo Design – Convey Quality

The beauty salon logo design you select for your business is very important. This logo serves as a visual representation of your business, and will convey to prospective clients the quality of service they can expect to receive. Your logo is your business’s brand, and will enable clients to effortlessly recognize you, regardless of time or location. There are many aspects to consider when you find yourself deciding on a brand new logo design.


A significant aspect of logo design is typography. Beauty salon logo design ought to appear as attractive as the shop itself. This means you should select a font face that exudes elegance, beauty, and sophistication. Depending on what type of logo you are looking for, there are many possibilities for you to consider.

Beauty logos typically entail delicate, flowing script, which conveys elegance and charm. They also instills in clients an ethereal attraction towards the design, and complement the grace and style of your business. You may also consider various fonts that offer an additional, contemporary feel.


Deciding on an acceptable image as part of your beauty salon logo will add visual emphasis to your business. For example, if your business boasts the exclusive use of organic products, soft and natural images about your logo may help highlight this service. Do you specialize in eye cosmetics? Showing this within your logo tends to make your products and services a lot more memorable.


When designing your logo, another significant factor to bear in mind is the color palette. Your choice in colors says a lot about your enterprise. When expressing beauty within your logo design, you must maintain a harmonious balance of hues.

If you would like an elegant appearance, consider colors such as purple, orange, and pink, as these shades are considered warm and sophisticated. For those in search of a more modern design, black, blue, and green are suitable contenders. Cool colors serve a calming effect that is ideal for spas and other businesses that focus on beauty. On the other hand, warm colors are vibrant, and invite excitement and happiness.


Every salon and beauty business is as unique as its individual clients. For this very reason, you need to recognize and understand your target demographic. Once you have established your customer base, you will be able to effortlessly create a logo that will resonate with both you and your clientele. This is particularly essential in some of the more innovative fields such as beauty therapy.

Working with Us

Designing a logo on your own can be cumbersome and frustrating… particularly without the knowledge and expertise that specialist designers bring to the table. Logo Coast strives to provide personalized and specially-tailored services to help you attain your perfect logo design. Our experienced logo design team will work closely with you to accurately convey your business philosophy, giving you the much needed confidence that only comes with owning a top notch branding identity.

Logo Design for Painters

Painting Logo Design

By Logo Design

Painting Logo Design – Vibrant Art

Companies that offer painting services have a deep understanding and appreciation for visual appeal. From decorating office walls, to working on the vibrant, colorful hallways of an art gallery, painters serve the primary purpose of creating aesthetically pleasing décor for their clientele.

Therefore, it goes without saying that visually enticing branding is imperative for successful painting companies, where a company’s logo often directly correlates to the integrity of their work.

Decide on the Best Imagery

Many trends exist amongst painting logo design. A common example is the incorporation of various tools of the trade within the company logo. Expect to see items such as paintbrushes, paint rollers, paint cans, and houses. This imagery can also depict a company’s specialty, (for example when residential painting companies feature logos comprised of house silhouettes. In any case, if your business happens to specialize in alternative painting solutions, it may be best to stay away from the home logo, as it may limit people’s understanding of your services.

Paint Your Logo with Color

For a lot of shoppers, choosing the right colored paint is one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning to have their property repainted. This is why painting specialists need to take the utmost care and consideration in selecting appropriate colors for their logo. A logo with an abundance of color can convey that your firm is versatile, has the capacity to perform a variety of services, and can even offer color consultations and advice to assist the customer.

When simply using one to three colors, consider what these colors may express. Then, determine if these colors accurately align with your company. For example, red prompts customers to assume qualities such as strength and warmth, both fantastic traits to possess. On the other hand, blue is associated with intelligence, trustworthiness, and efficiency. Many painting businesses strive to express these qualities to prospective clients, and that is why blue is one of the most popular colors found within painting logo design.

Other colors present a diverse range of attributes. Yellow expresses creativity and self-confidence, and orange elicits feelings of security and warmth. Emphasize your commitment to sustainability by incorporating green into your logo, while also subtly promoting your dedication to using environmentally safe and friendly practices. This may prove particularly effective for business that specialize in exterior painting, as facades and exteriors may interact with the outdoor environment, such as soil, plants, and animals.

Develop Your Brand

Although painting businesses are within the creative industry, this often does not necessarily mean you possess the time or resources to design your own logo. It is a common mistake to dabble with the idea of using cookie cutter templates (aka cheap) painting logos, which are always of low quality and efficacy. Let the professionals at Logo Coast match you with members of its talented team to help build a unique brand for your company. Our designers will work closely with you to create a logo that expresses your business’s services, and will produce a variety of logo solutions in just three working days. We understand the importance of visual appeal, and will deliver a product that will make you truly stand out from your competitors.

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