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Travel Logo Design

By December 15, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Travel Agency

Travel Logo Design – Visual Branding

As virtual communities and social media become increasingly popular, we see a rising number of travel firms offering online deals, including flights, vehicle rentals, and accommodation. While a few of these businesses appeal to regular travelers seeking low rates, others attempt to provide specialized travel solutions for those seeking unique experiences abroad.

Your travel company’s target demographic will influence the style of logo you design. The right combination of imagery, colors, and typography may help a business create visual branding that is appealing to certain types of travelers. There are various prevalent elements within a travel company logo. Understanding several of the most popular design components could help you build a logo that perfectly suits your needs.

Imagery in Travel Firm Logos

Images play an essential role in corporate logos. Several logos use arrows to signify movement. A prime example is Orbitz, one of the world’s most popular online travel solution providers. Orbitz incorporates two arrows moving in a circular path featured in the letter “O”. These two arrows signify the trip that travelers take. It may also contain more subtle connotations, and delve into the notion that life itself can be a journey.

Typography in Travel Firm Logos

Longstanding travel firms that have been in the business for decades tend to utilize more conservative typography. On the other hand, newer vacation and travel providers lean towards more inventive approaches to pique the interest of potential clients.

Kayak, an online travel organization that promises low rates, has made creative use of typography. At first glance, the logo design appears simple. It contains bold, blocked lettering set against a yellow background. But upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the logo is closely tied with the history of travel. In fact, the lettering mimics traditional arrival and departure time boards featured prominently at train stations and airports.

Colors in Travel Firm Logos

Logos within the industry express the rewards of travel. They implement greens and blues to remind clients of the vast oceans and lands spread across our planet Earth. They also invite travelers to visualize all the worldwide tourist destinations they could visit.

Green and blue dominate travel logo design, but some more traditional firms still fall back on black and white. Newer companies may want to step away from this trend, or they could also assign greens and blues for similar reasons mentioned above.

Designing the Right Logo

Logo Coast provides design solutions that speak directly to your target audience, and help define your agency’s visual branding. We ask our clients to complete a detailed questionnaire in order to gauge your direction and goals. These details are reviewed by our team of professional designers, who then create drafts for your consideration. You will be closely involved throughout the entire process, and guided through discussions related to color and typography. This provides you the opportunity to choose from a variety of unique designs tailored just for you. Contact us today to receive the best visual branding for attracting more customers within a highly competitive industry.