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Tattoo Logo Design

By December 17, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Tattoo Parlor

Tattoo Logo Design – Striking Personality

How can you communicate to current and potential clients that your tattoo parlor is one that they can come to for touch-ups and new body art? One way to achieve this is to display a striking tattoo logo design to showcase your business’s personality. But what should you take into consideration when you are designing your logo? Top logo designs make clever use of typography, color, and imagery. Select each element with both your business and clientele in mind.

Tattoo Industry Typography

Typography utilized within the tattoo sector range across a broad spectrum. From simple and bold, to elegant and chic, the type of font you ultimately select is up to you! But there are a number of points to bear in mind when making your choice. Serif fonts elicit feelings of tradition and dependability. Sans-serif fonts come across as clean and modern. A quick online search will reveal that sans-serif fonts are somewhat uncommon in the tattoo industry, and are mainly used by newer parlors targeted towards a youthful demographic. Script fonts, or those that mimic meticulous handwriting, are an expression of elegance, creativity, and affection. These are featured prominently in the tattoo sector.

Colors in Tattoo Logo Design

Black and white logos are abundant in the tattoo industry. Why? Because black and white is a striking pair of shades that are simple, classic, and sophisticated. This classic combination is advantageous, as it is inoffensive and universally appreciated. Even if your clients have personal biases towards certain colors, they will have a difficult time finding fault in black and white.

Of course, if black and white does not suit your brand, you will find that some colors can work nicely in a tattoo logo design. For example, red is an eye-catching color that conveys feelings of strength, vigor, and courage. Studies have found that red even has the power to raise people’s heart rates. Brown is typically ignored in design. But with its association with tradition, brown could be effective in classic tattoo parlor logos that may choose to capture a western vibe. Yellow is the color of sunshine that instills feelings of self-confidence and positivity.

Images that Suit Your Brand

The objective of your logo is to provide an accurate visual representation of your business. In order to ensure your message is expressed the right way, you may choose to implement graphics in your design. Some common images include flames, skulls, guns, weaponry, and crowns. All of these are powerful and rugged. They may be particularly effective in attracting returning clients, those with existing work, or new clients who take pride in their freedom and fearlessness.

On the other hand, you may want to cater for a milder demographic who may want one-off pieces to remember a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. If you are a small business in a family-oriented district, you may want to select more docile imagery, or even decide to forgo images altogether.