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Simple Logo Design

By February 2, 2016September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Simple Logo Design for Business

When it comes to design, less is more. In creating a simple logo, you only need to consider what is essential, and ensure that your final design is not cluttered. It is best to apply concepts of minimalism to create a logo design that is eye-catching and unique. After brainstorming your personal branding style, you will be able to determine if a sleek, simple, and streamlined design is best for you.

Defining Your Design Rules

As you get started with the design process, it is always best to start with some sketches or create a list of concepts you feel best describe your brand. Jot down ideas to help you quickly create an outline. Seek inspiration from existing businesses, brand names, and products. Make reference to particular elements you wish to incorporate into your own logo design, and let your designer know what you want your end product to include.

Taking the Stripped-Down Approach

The simple, stripped-down approach is currently a huge design trend. It is vital to use this strategy in order to appeal to Generation-Y and Millennials. Youth are attracted to simple, streamlined designs that are easy to remember. Minimalistic designs easily grab attention, and are very stylish in today’s market.

Many brand names such as Google, Yahoo, and eBay use simple logo design created using only their business name. They may be simple, but they stand out with their colors and typography. Some other brands use logos that place emphasis on images, and use little to no text at all. These include Apple and Chanel, for example.

Font Finesse

Font selection is usually one of the trickier aspects of logo design. However, it plays a vital role in designing simple visual branding. A clean, modern font is your best bet, though the font you wish to use is completely up to you! If you are considering cursive-type fonts, look at options that are clear and simple. Stay away from anything that is too fancy or stylized with excessive loops or swirls. Stick with the minimalistic aesthetic.

To keep everything simple and clean, you may wish to speak to a design firm. You might need some help selecting the best graphics and fonts, brainstorming ideas, or browsing templates and catalogs. This is certainly where Logo Coast can help you. With our assistance, you will have a talented team of professional designers at your disposal.

Logo coast will help you brainstorm, apply surefire design techniques, and make your vision become a reality. Even if you have no idea where to start, our designers will use their skills to create an outstanding logo to complement your brand. Contact us now to find out how we can help you create a stunning, yet simple logo design!