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Security Logo Design

By December 15, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Security Services

Security Logo Design – Brand Recognition

The logo design for a security company should serve as an attention-getter, while also being sure to effectively evoke a sense of safety and reliability. Regardless if your company deals with financial or household security, the brand identity needs to convey peace of mind and protection throughout each and every point of contact with the buyer. There’s no ignoring the fact that the logo is a key part of this branding. Your logo is typically responsible for the customer’s first impression of the business, which is exactly why producing an effective logo is crucial.

Your logo needs to showcase the company’s overall mission… safety. An efficient logo will also develop branding awareness, which will help build your business in the long term. The question is, how can you accomplish this in just a single design?

A few fundamentals that a company within the security sector must follow are below.

Look At What Works

Analyzing competitor’s logos will help you determine exactly what is out on the market and already performing well. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t copy a competitor’s design, but rather utilize as much information available in order to assist you when determining what direction would be ideal for your business. Researching other security logo design will make it easier to decide upon effective layout, typography, and color options. It is also a proven way to ensure that you steer clear of producing a concept that may already be in use.

Logo Design – Universal Graphics

Eagles, locks and shields are generally used in security company logos given that these icons represent dependability, trustworthiness, and protection. These common symbols may also be used to define your particular variety of service options. For example, using symbols such as guard dogs or burglars could reflect a company that deals with the safety of houses or buildings, while symbols for vaults and safes would be best for a financial security organization.

Security Logo Design Color Palette

The color blue is a widely used color throughout security logo design because it is calming and reassuring. Integrity and energy are also commonly associated with the hue, making it an excellent option. Another great option is red, which symbolizes courage and aggressiveness (in the right context). These are both great qualities for a company that should be incorporating cutting edge techniques in order to protect someones most valuable assets.

Don’t be Overly Conservative

The security logo design industry already has many recognizable symbols that are widely in use, mostly because they are effective and efficient. Keep in mind however, your logo should still be creative so that you may stand out from comparable firms. The last thing you want to do is simply blend into the background.

Niche – Define and Strategize

A logo design should always communicate exactly what your enterprise does by including unique elements that help distinguish it from the competition. Are you offering banking security, internet security, or personal security? Your logo can showcase this point of difference and let customers know what you specialize in. The logo is a powerful tool that can continuously spotlight your company’s unique services and offerings.

Share Your History

Does your business have a longstanding history? If your corporation has a long and successful track record, why not include exactly when it was created? Conversely, startup businesses can take the opportunity to emphasize fresh ideas, strategy, and their commitment to innovation.

Logo Design – Think Big Picture

Developing a logo is very similar to playing a game of chess. The typeface will often influence the size of your imagery and style of the design, and vice versa. Similarly, a concept that relies heavily on typography will have to take color, style, and size into consideration or it’s easy for the design to become overwhelming.

With regards to design fundamentals, here are several issues to think about when building your business logo.

  • Simple Typography – Typography choices can often be overwhelming, but luckily, the security business doesn’t require a reinventing of the wheel. Due to the fact that security is a very serious topic, straightforward and recognizable typography selections are ideal. Stay clear of applying whimsical, juvenile, or playful typography that won’t match the tone of one’s industry and branding.
  • Functional Color Palette – Colors always develop into a critical component of a company’s all-around brand. Colors that conflict with each other or are hard to read can be a distraction from the brand’s message. Prime colors are typically the most effective, but if a logo requires a more complex palette, attempt to keep the rest of the design very simple for clarity purposes.
  • Icons and Text – A logo may consist of text, icons and text, graphics, or possibly a mixture of all the above. When employing imagery in your design, make sure it is efficient and effective. For example, if your business offers household security, a shield mixed with an image of a home can say a great deal compared to if these symbols were to appear alone.

Logo Design – Common Mistakes

Past blunders and logo failures (at the expense of other businesses) can provide useful insight into what can safely be avoided. Here are a handful of logo design errors that your business ought to stay away from.

  • Don’t Be Overly Trendy – Your logo ought to always be a fresh, one-of-a-kind design that has the potential to be timeless. Avoiding fad designer trends can save you from producing a design that will eventually find itself outdated.
  • Clarity Conquers All – Regardless of how thought-provoking or detailed your logo idea might be, it will likely fail if it does not communicate your brand to your audience quickly and easily. If your image or symbol is too busy, it will ruin the rest of your design. Similarly, if your verbiage or typography is too difficult to discern, it can also be a huge turn-off. Keep it simple and clean so that your message can come through with one quick glance.

Work with Us

A logo can say a great deal about a business, or worse… nothing at all. Regardless of how captivating your company’s title, if it’s not supported by proper logo design practices, your brand’s message will suffer. By hiring Logo Coast, you can be sure the logo for your firm will evoke a sense of dependability and protection that your clients can trust.