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Retro Logo Design

By December 14, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design with Retro Style

Retro Logo Design – Authentic Appreciation

Pop culture’s recent affair with the retro and vintage genre appears to have become an endearing phenomenon. With the popularity of this style, substantial demand has been generated for logos to be reinvented in order to take advantage of the trend. Adding a subtle vintage effect to a design easily creates an attractive appearance that captures the attention of the target audience. Despite its (relative) ease of application, it is necessary to undertake several considerations before embarking on the transformation process.

As with every design-related decision, research is an essential part of the process. Seeking out authentic logos from different eras has the ability to inspire better designs. By comparing logos of famous restaurants, breweries, and shops, the contrast between color and typography can be truly appreciated. Unlike more standard designs, retro emblems commonly use framing methods, utilizing sides decorated with lace or geometric shapes to direct the eye of consumers.

Color Theory

One major factor contributing to the success of a retro logo design is the color scheme of the logo. Color psychology dictates that different colors evoke distinct feelings, thoughts, and even impulses. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize colors that promote positive emotions (in regard to the industry at hand).

To convey optimism, warmth, and clarity, yellow is a popular choice. Orange provides friendly, approachable, cheerful, and confident feelings. Purple exudes imagination and creativity, while blue inspires trust and dependability. Naturally, green represents peace and serenity, while grey provides an balanced sense of calm and neutrality.

Typography Unleashed

Once the colors have been assigned, it is imperative to select an ideal font. This is a tricky topic as typeface can be a bit more subjective. Regardless of the font selection, it must be able to convey the message in a clear and concise manner… anything frilly or fancy would not send the appropriate vibe to the retro enthused target audience.

Vintage styled logos are creative and intricate designs that often find a balance somewhere between bold and delicate. At Logo Coast, professional artists are readily available to bring your vision to life. From the color choice to typography and graphic selection, our team of specialists continuously strive to provide the most captivating and fresh designs. It is no coincidence that nostalgia helps sell products / services, so hop on the bandwagon and tap into the retro market today!