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Plumbing Logo Design

By November 26, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Plumber

Plumbing Logo Design – Be Unique

Whether you are an independent contractor who makes house calls, a team member who helps maintain plumbing on behalf of a company, or the owner of a business that contracts to massive corporate locations, the plumbing solutions you supply make up only part of the overall business entity. In order to compete in the current marketplace, your business enterprise requires a face. That is where owning a professional plumbing logo design comes to play.

By harnessing the immense potential of imagery and wordplay, plumbing logo design has the ability to differentiate your solutions from the hundreds and thousands of competitors contending within the same market – a market with a limited amount of at home service calls, construction jobs, and remodel opportunities. By clearly presenting the mission of your business, you stand to be unique.

Five Ideas for Generating Timeless Plumbing Logo Design

From kitchen sinks and bathroom showers, to hotel toilets and casino drainage systems, the plumber profession is extremely particular (and under-appreciated, in our opinion!). No matter your specialty, it’s important to let everyone know what makes your company unique. Here are five ideas to consider while going through the design process of a plumbing logo:

1. Select verbiage and photos that highlight your area of expertise

Regardless of whether your speciality is swimming pool + jacuzzi maintenance, you promote and install eco-friendly plumbing solutions, or simply deliver an extensive menu of essential services, select images that revolve around your niche. Common plumbing icons often include wrenches, pliers, pipes, tool boxes, and of course water droplets.

2. Use bold images

To help your plumbing logo flourish, select symbols that are regularly associated with the plumbing industry and can be easily identified. To see what type of imagery is being successfully implemented by other industry leaders, spend a little bit of time browsing local or national solutions on the internet. This will help you gauge effective designs, and build a personal catalogue of photos and images to include within your project brief.

3. Generate a robust, balanced design

Clutter tends to make logos difficult to understand, and due to their intricacies, are easy to forget. When you are brainstorming graphics / layout ideas, it’s always recommended to keep things minimal. Try to use one main symbol that successfully spotlights your strengths, and complement it with a typeface that does not become overwhelmed by the imagery.

4. Select persuasive colors

Colors bear a considerable amount of value within a logo design. They have the capacity to prompt emotional and psychological responses from your audience. Strong, bold colors have been proven to convey trust, authority, and intelligence. Therefore, major shades of blue, red, and green are a few of the most common hues found within the plumbing sector.

5. Ensure the design translates well to B&W

In order to reach a widespread audience, your plumbing logo should be featured across an endless array of marketing materials… from websites and email newsletters, right through to newspaper advertisements, phone book entries, and business cards. With higher costs for color printing (and bearing in mind that not all media is presented in color), your logo must be equally attractive in black and white. Pay special consideration to your choice of layout, particularly when images and words overlap, to ensure the quality is exceptional and no details are lost when the logo is converted to grayscale.