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Photography Logo Design

By December 15, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Photographers

Photography Logo Design – Evoke Emotion

Exceptional logo design can help provide the world with a condensed snapshot of your photography business. Choosing the right logo requires deep thought into your specialization, along with an understanding of the emotions commonly associated with your area of expertise. Within the photographic world, there are an array of feelings and expressions to consider, and below are some ways to capture the perfect logo design in order to effectively convey your specialty.

Font and Color Selection

Interdisciplinary studies indicate that colors evoke specific feelings within individuals due to common associations with the world around them. For example, someone who loves the beach may paint their room blue or green in order to express imagery of the deep sea, or tranquility on the shore. These strong emotional bonds make selecting the right logo palette particularly important.

Consider the emotional impact the color red may have on someone. This color prompts feelings of passion, adoration, strength, energy, danger, and power. Red is also often depicted in images of hearts or fire. If your organization specializes in boudoir photography, then red is definitely worth considering.

Implementing just a single color provides coherence and uniformity in the message you wish to display. While it is certainly possible to use a wide range of colors, it often can do more harm than good.

Typography in Photographer Logos

Typography within your logo should complement the emotional value of your organization. If you are a wedding photographer, use an elegant and formal font that is suitable for the occasion.

Black and white photographs are minimalistic by nature, and the corresponding typeface for this style should be bold and simple. Typography has the power to convey professionalism, so ensure your text is neat, clean, and legible, regardless of your specialization.

Imagery in Photography Logo Design

When it comes to selecting photos for your logo, get started by building a mood board that matches with your style of photography. This may include photos taken by you, your peers, or even separate graphic designs. These images should all come together to create a well-rounded impression of your business. Create a shortlist of your favorite photos, and choose the best image for your logo.

Many photographers, from those who work for stock photograph websites, to those who run a small business specializing in maternity photos, incorporate cameras in their logos. Logos containing cameras, lenses, and various other photography tools are abundant in the industry, and easily overdone. However, a new perspective on the camera image could make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Should you struggle to find the right imagery, consider using a stylized edition of your company name or trademark. You may even want to underline or frame the text for effect. Images are not mandatory, but they serve as a significant means to create an emotional connection to your brand, your logo, your services, and ultimately, your business. You can also check out a directory (Photographers in Hampshire Directory) to find a bunch of inspiration and scope out the competition.

In order to develop your perfect logo, ensure you work with a experienced designers, just like the team we have available here at Logo Coast. We understand what it truly takes to build effective visual branding for your business, and within three to five working days, can develop a series of logo designs tailored just for you.