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Painting Logo Design

By November 27, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Painters

Painting Logo Design – Vibrant Art

Companies that offer painting services have a deep understanding and appreciation for visual appeal. From decorating office walls, to working on the vibrant, colorful hallways of an art gallery, painters serve the primary purpose of creating aesthetically pleasing décor for their clientele.

Therefore, it goes without saying that visually enticing branding is imperative for successful painting companies, where a company’s logo often directly correlates to the integrity of their work.

Decide on the Best Imagery

Many trends exist amongst painting logo design. A common example is the incorporation of various tools of the trade within the company logo. Expect to see items such as paintbrushes, paint rollers, paint cans, and houses. This imagery can also depict a company’s specialty, (for example when residential painting companies feature logos comprised of house silhouettes. In any case, if your business happens to specialize in alternative painting solutions, it may be best to stay away from the home logo, as it may limit people’s understanding of your services.

Paint Your Logo with Color

For a lot of shoppers, choosing the right colored paint is one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning to have their property repainted. This is why painting specialists need to take the utmost care and consideration in selecting appropriate colors for their logo. A logo with an abundance of color can convey that your firm is versatile, has the capacity to perform a variety of services, and can even offer color consultations and advice to assist the customer.

When simply using one to three colors, consider what these colors may express. Then, determine if these colors accurately align with your company. For example, red prompts customers to assume qualities such as strength and warmth, both fantastic traits to possess. On the other hand, blue is associated with intelligence, trustworthiness, and efficiency. Many painting businesses strive to express these qualities to prospective clients, and that is why blue is one of the most popular colors found within painting logo design.

Other colors present a diverse range of attributes. Yellow expresses creativity and self-confidence, and orange elicits feelings of security and warmth. Emphasize your commitment to sustainability by incorporating green into your logo, while also subtly promoting your dedication to using environmentally safe and friendly practices. This may prove particularly effective for business that specialize in exterior painting, as facades and exteriors may interact with the outdoor environment, such as soil, plants, and animals.

Develop Your Brand

Although painting businesses are within the creative industry, this often does not necessarily mean you possess the time or resources to design your own logo. It is a common mistake to dabble with the idea of using cookie cutter templates (aka cheap) painting logos, which are always of low quality and efficacy. Let the professionals at Logo Coast match you with members of its talented team to help build a unique brand for your company. Our designers will work closely with you to create a logo that expresses your business’s services, and will produce a variety of logo solutions in just three working days. We understand the importance of visual appeal, and will deliver a product that will make you truly stand out from your competitors.