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Orthodontic Logo Design

By November 24, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Orthodontics

Orthodontic Logo Design – Picture Perfect

Orthodontists are becoming more and more popular which is anything but a surprise considering how important looks are in today’s world. People with dental irregularities want to make sure their teeth (and more importantly, smiles) are picture-perfect. Doesn’t it make sense to effectively market your orthodontic practice and skills to potential customers?

One of the best ways to create a positive impact with your branding campaign is through your logo design. This logo needs to tell the viewer exactly what your practice offers… and a memorable logo will help ensure that you are remembered when it comes time for customers to make the call.

In order to make sure your logo is successful, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind. Let’s take a look at the design elements that contribute to a great concept.

Selecting Imagery

It’s definitely not easy, but choosing captivating imagery is a must if you want a great logo. An image that is simple (yet strong) has been proven to efficiently communicate the topic at hand. Images that revolve around teeth and braces are pretty self explanatory, and of course the logo needs to be clean. You also need to have a good idea of what your competitors’ logos look like so you don’t accidentally wind up with a design that looks too similar.

Optimal Color Palette

Orthodontic logo design demands colors that reflect the tone of the business at hand. Colors that are light, sensitive, and suggest care are ideal. These softer shades transfer their emotion to the brand – feelings of comfort, trust, and protection.

You will find that the colors most often used are pink, yellow, white, and occasionally softer shades of blue and green. Professional logo designers will tell you that it is best to use two to three colors in the logo design to help avoid it from becoming too busy. Colors that are too bold and bright can make the logo seem a bit aggressive / over the top.

Typography and General Orthodontic Logo Design Recommendations

One of the unsung heroes of the logo design world is typography. With a plethora of options available, there is a huge opportunity to create impact and showcase some of the top goals of the company. Da Font is a great resource when it comes to free and commercial font selection.

Your business name should always shine light upon your top services and vision. If the name is a bit vague, adding a slogan to help clarify the nature of the business is also an option. Be careful not to get too wordy with the text as a long business name + slogan can begin to limit design options.