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Medical Logo Design

By December 17, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Medical Company

Medical Logo Design – Key Elements

Each and every medical practice provides exclusive solutions, and is individual in its character. An excellent logo design reflects these traits. Aside from distinguishing your specialty (whether you are a cardiologist, neurosurgeon, or emergency care specialist), your logo design should touch upon key elements of your business identity through shapes and colors.

Color Palette Options & Theory

Red is a striking color, but it can undesirably remind people of blood (if not used with care in health care logos). In modest doses, red provides an expression of energy or urgency. The color yellow is often very striking, but may be overwhelming to look at in large doses. Studies have found that yellow is a better choice when targeting women, as it serves as an expression of rejuvenation. Thus, yellow should likely be reserved for practices that specialize in female or youth services, which includes reproductive health and pediatric care.

Green is heavily associated with nature, and is the best option when attempting to reflect a sense of harmony. Blue is a bit more serene, and is often related with precision and intellect, which are both excellent traits in the medical world. Purple is always used to emphasize a luxurious feel, which is fantastic for surgeons (cosmetic) and similar practices that cater to a high end audience or provide highly technological services. Orange serves as a more peaceful derivative of red. It is warm, and readily welcomed by children. Pink is almost exclusively related to women’s health solutions. Black possesses a formal air of sophistication. And white is tied to purity and cleanliness.

Clean & Simple Logo Solutions

Regardless of whether your medical logo design is bold, colorful, delicate, or monochrome, it must be simple. An intricate or elaborate design is unmemorable, and will be difficult for your patients to easily identify or relate with.

The top logos that exist don’t steer away from implementing advanced color or geometry, but rather use them a bit more sparingly in order to create a minimalistic design. Be particularly cautious when considering cursive fonts, as they may be difficult to read. Work closely with your designer to create a logo that is simple and identifiable, yet effective.

Memorable Logo Design

Patients will recall the shapes, colors, and typography within a logo before they recall the full business name. A well designed logo is easily recognized in both color and black and white. The goal is always a logo design that is unforgettable. That way, when patients are seeking a medical solution, they will be instantly allured by your visual branding.

After working closely with the dedicated design team at Logo Coast (to create the perfect medical logo design), be sure to use it liberally! Include it in your signage, emails, letterhead, advertisements, and stationery. This is of utmost importance, as you wish to develop a connection between you and your patients. After regular exposure to your unique visual branding, your patients will automatically associate your correspondence with health care that they trust.