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Healthcare Logo Design

By November 14, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Healthcare

Healthcare Logo Design – Clean Branding

When health or medical logos are being designed, one must keep in mind exactly what services are being offered by that particular facility. These logos not only have to cater to the expected industry standard, but likely should also hone in on any specialties that may exist.

**Take a look at the logos of the Red Cross or Mayo Clinic and you will see why people connect with them so effortlessly.

Logo Design – On a Mission

A company’s logo is its mission statement (in essence), and it needs to convey not only what the company does but also the nature of the organization. Any healthcare logo design must use fonts, typefaces, and colors that evoke the feelings of care and safety. The colors that are generally associated with these are blue, green, red, and gray. If you were to browse through some of the well known logos in the health, medical, and wellness areas, you’d see how well they represent each company and their particular strengths.

Hire a Professional

The medical niche requires graphic design specialists to create and craft designs that are relevant and inspiring. You’ll find many of these designers will wisely utilize blues and greens to exude a clear, clean look. Green has long been a symbol of immortality and resurrection and that is why more and more health facilities and pharmaceutical brands are using it in their logos.

However, if you prefer to go against the grain, there are origami-themed logo designs surfacing and these could be a fresh, new direction to consider when it comes to your business. More and more designers are starting to use this art as inspiration, so this is a good time to get in early on a progressive movement within the industry.