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Finance Logo Design

By December 15, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Finance Company

Finance Logo Design – Safe & Secure

As you may see from existing portfolios, finance logo design tends to have a specific appearance. It is clean, subtle, and above all, specialized. Considering what a logo can accomplish, as demonstrated by various successful finance companies, it is no surprise that clients are attracted to distinct yet subtle designs.

Your logo is the face and visual embodiment of your company. It is the first thing that clients notice before delving further into your products and services. Therefore, it is vital to have a well-designed logo that can clearly convey your significant traits and expertise. Discussed below are some elements that go into a professionally developed logo, and how you can get the most out of your logo design.

Logo Design and Color Theory

Red and yellow are striking colors that express power and vigor. These two colors are bold and capture immediate attention when placed amidst a slew of signs and ads. Green is seen as harmonious, and often correlates with growth and development, which are fantastic attributes for businesses in the finance industry. Blue is serene, and conveys intellect and precision, both outstanding qualities within a thriving financial enterprise. Blue is also among the most common colors applied in advertising. However, with the vast array of shades available, you are most definitely able to select a hue that perfectly defines your unique business.

Purple is the color of luxury, and an excellent choice for professionals seeking affluent clientele. What’s more, purple is often associated with royalty, and what client wouldn’t want to be treated like a king or queen? Orange has expressions similar to red, but appears a bit more warm and welcoming. Moreover, orange is a good color to incorporate within a design, as it is also fresh, vibrant, and bold. Black imbues a sense of exclusivity and sophistication, both superior characteristics within the finance industry. Finally, white possesses strong bonds with purity, and is the ideal shade to represent honesty and integrity within a business.

Portraying Your Ideal Traits

Apart from colors, fonts and pictures are also incorporated within logos to create a well-rounded image of a financial firm and its specialties.

Extremely unique typefaces are usually found as standalone logos. These are called “logotypes”. There are endless options to discuss with our dedicated design team. Ultimately, you want to select a design that looks great in both color and in grayscale. This is due to the abundance of colorless print media, such as newspapers, letters, or even minimalistic stationery. A logo also needs to be easily scaled, and transfer seamlessly from appearing in large banners, to small website headings. Imagine how your logo will appear online, in print or digital advertisements, on stationery, and even on social media such as LinkedIn.

Contact us at Logo Coast to receive customer service of the utmost integrity. Hire a highly dedicated team of professional designers, and start working towards the best possible logo design for your financial firm today!