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Cleaning Logo Design

By December 8, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Cleaning Company

Cleaning Logo Design – Visual Identity

When you visualize bubbles and foam, what kind of business comes to mind? A logo’s ultimate purpose is to serve as an easily identifiable visual ambassador for your business. Cleaning logo design should have distinctive components that represent the service in a one-of-a-kind, memorable fashion.

Cleaning Logo Design – The Science

It may seem easy to just piece together a logo design with a little bit of text and graphics. Some businesses may attempt to build their own design in order to save a few bucks. However, when it comes to the finished product, novice logo designs can become glaringly obvious, and this will likely detract potential customers.

A logo is much more than just a nice looking icon. It serves as your company’s identity, continuously representing the brand of your business, and has the capacity to leave a lasting impression on your audience. What impression do you want to leave?

Almost every aspect of a logo design – from the font, size, shape, direction, and color – will leave an impression on potential customers. The smallest details can make a significant difference in how your business is viewed and perceived. Designers understand how to skillfully navigate these visual cues in order to create the most effective representation of who you are, and what your enterprise truly stands for.

Components of Effective Logo Design

There are no typical aspects of a logo that make it “good” or “bad”. Each and every logo is distinct and expresses a unique business and concept. However, there are some simple and effective criteria that must be met that allow it to leave a lasting impression.

1) Your logo must be easy to describe – Let us take a look at an example: To describe the Mr. Clean logo design, you might mention to someone that it consists of a strong, distinguished looking gentleman wearing clean clothes.

2) Your logo must be memorable – This will allow customers to immediately recall your business when they notice similar imagery in day-to-day situations.

3) Your logo must be scalable – This means that your logo can be easily transferred between small images on merchandise or business cards, to large productions such as billboards.

4) Your logo should have the same impact with or without color – Grayscale logos are abundant in print media such as newspaper advertisements, so it may be worthwhile to brainstorm and create some sketches in pencil before finalizing your complex and colorful design.

Work with Logo Coast

Logo Coast is just one of many online design businesses who can build your logo. However, our dedication to you and the design process is what gives us a leg up on the competition. Logo Coast assigns a devoted team to design your custom logo. We collaborate closely with you and listen intently to all your requests in order to deliver a high quality product that accurately represents your business.

Upon placing your order, it only takes us roughly three to five business days to produce a selection of sample designs for you to review. You are then invited to choose a logo that best reflects the goals of your business, and we are able to make any adjustments you wish to apply. The final product will be provided in a variety of formats for all your branding needs, and we will archive your unique design in our records in case you would ever like to adjust it, or need to retrieve it at any time.