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Bank Logo Design

By November 13, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Banks

Bank Logo Design – Dependable Design

Any business that is entrusted with looking after other people’s money has to be perceived as a trustworthy, reliable, dependable and dedicated organization. They must convey that they will continuously adhere to high standards of quality and integrity.

…What better way to reflect these qualities than with a high caliber logo design? When it comes to first impressions, there’s nothing quite like the logo that is able to put the best foot forward of a company. Bank logo designs need to be crafted with a great deal of thought and if one were to look at a number of logo designs of banks and finance companies across the world, all of them use colors and imagery that reinforce trust.

Logo Design Versatility

Your bank logo design needs to communicate with the audience and it needs to do so across all media – be it TV commercials, bumper stickers, retail outlet signs, or even giveaways. Very often, all a potential client will see is the logo and this makes it extremely important for it to communicate a positive and impactful message. When a bank logo achieves this, the possibilities of the number of places it can be used (to continue influencing clients to join) are endless.

Minimal Logo Design – Tried and Tested

Banking services and financial institutions need logo designs that are strong and convincing. Take a look at some of the logos of organizations that fall within this category: Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Charles Schwab, Essential Bank, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Barclay’s, Chase Manhattan Bank, SunTrust, Citibank and Bank of New Zealand. Every one of them has a logo design that is unique and relevant to the company.

For example, the logo of Bank of New Zealand consists of just three initials ‘bnz’, with a blue color palette (that represents trust and loyalty). That’s it! That’s all it takes to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Granted, there is certainly more that is coming into play (typography, layout, kerning, etc), but the logos that stand the test of time are very often those who achieve their goal with the least amount of bells and whistles.