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Band Logo Design

By December 23, 2015September 28th, 2019Logo Design
Logo Design for Band

Your band is your brand, and your music is art. Together, they are a means for self-expression that is raw, honest, and stunning. Not only is it your life, it is how you make a living. It is important to convert your unique aural art into striking visual art. Therefore, your band logo design should be as recognizable, dynamic, and compelling as your music, while serving as your visual brand to enhance your overall presence.

A logo is paramount for your career. It is the face of your band, and serves as a visual representation of who you are. Fans will identify with your logo, and it will feature prominently across your albums, on your merchandise, website, electronic press kits… Everywhere! But how can you create an unforgettable logo? Read on to find out.

Simple is Effective

A lot of artists would like to throw in an array of colors, styles, shapes, as well as other figures. But be cautious. Keeping it easy and classic is productive.

  • Minimalism– Not only is it classic, it also ensures longevity of your brand. For example, consider The Beatles logo. It is simple monochromatic text, but the font can be immediately recognized. Moreover, it worked during their early years, as well as their later, more experimental stages.

Wise Choice of Color

Colors are closely tied to emotions, so choose them wisely. Neutral tones are usually a safe bet. However, if you want something more vibrant and bold, be sure to select colors that suit your brand, and ensure that they don’t clash. Also bear in mind that fewer colors reduce confusion, and also save on printing costs.

  • Be subtle with color– Discreetly employing color in aspects of your logo – such as a specific word, letter, or symbol – could have a huge influence on your overall design.

Importance of Typography

Your logo will most likely comprise of text with subtle graphics. Therefore, it is important to be selective when it comes to typeface. Serif fonts will provide an excellent classical feel, and sans-serif fonts will achieve a cleaner look with rounded edges. Popular logos that use serif fonts include Apple and Pixar, who both have logos that exhibit a timeless and regal feel.

Work with Professionals

Designing a logo on your own can be cumbersome and frustrating, particularly without the knowledge and expertise that specialist designers bring to the table. Logo Coast strives to provide personalized and specially-tailored services to help you attain your perfect band logo design. Our experienced logo design team will work closely with you to accurately convey your band philosophy, and give you every confidence in developing the best possible branding and imaging for you, your band, as well as your loyal and future fans.