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Vision Logo Design

By Logo Design

Logo Coast is a graphic design company with a team of very respected and accomplished graphic designers. Our team specializes in assisting companies and other businesses develop appropriate visual branding solutions such as websites, signs, print designs, and brochures (just to name a few). Let us help you stand out from your competition. Read on to learn five ways to achieve productive vision logo design and visual branding. Read More

Logo Design for Crafts

Craft Logo Design

By Logo Design

Effective arts and crafts supply companies need to stand out and appear unique from other retailers. A great way to create a profitable logo design would be to study logos used by some of the biggest arts and crafts companies. Below are a few tips on how these organizations use color, typography, and taglines to precisely brand themselves. Observing these will provide you with a solid background in outstanding craft logo design, and offer you the chance to create a striking logo for your business. Read More

Logo Design for Dentists

Dentist Logo Design

By Logo Design

Logos function as the face of an organization and play a key role in shaping a company’s future. They allow potential clients to recognize who you are and what you have to offer. Custom logo design helps distinguish your practice from competitors, advertise what your specialties are, and gain trust by representing your organization’s ethics and professionalism. Read More

HVAC Logo Design

By Logo Design

First impressions are extremely important, and your logo is likely to be the first encounter a person has with your business. A high quality logo design instantaneously demonstrates your personality, philosophy, and style. It is the foundation of the company’s branding identity, and one of the most significant assets. Unfortunately, for many HVAC enterprises, this can be one of the more overlooked aspects of a marketing plan. With the internet currently finding itself littered with cheap logo farms (who churn out lackluster ideas, overused clip-art, and sometimes even copyrighted material), where do you go for ideas that will actually improve your brand image? Read More

Logo Design with Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Logo Design

By Logo Design

A logo is a vital representation of a business and the values it stands for. Logos are commonly utilized for advertising and marketing campaigns as it helps to build a brand identity and establish connections with consumers. One of the oldest forms of logos is the Coat of Arms. Traditionally the Coat of Arms is awarded to distinguished individuals of high status. Some companies have since adopted various versions of the Coat of Arms to highlight its regal status and rich history. Read More

Logo Design with Animal

Animal Logo Design

By Logo Design

Companies using animals as the face of their business is not uncommon these days. This is especially true for business-owners that cater to animal needs, protection, or awareness. Many organizations invest a lot of time, money, and effort to ensure that the logo design is perfect, so it’s imperative to keep up with the competition. Read More

Logo Design in 3D

3D Logo Design

By Logo Design

Three-dimensional logo designs have the distinct advantage of being able to breath new life into any subject matter. This innovative style of design is ripe with possibilities. A well designed 3D logo can not only boast a sense of classic appeal, but can also stand the test of time. Here are three key aspects to bear in mind when you’re designing a logo for your company.

1) Imagery

3D logo design gives you the opportunity to get creative, to be memorable. From plotting an entire landscape to building a fantasy world (in rich, deep colors and subtle shadowing), three-dimensional designs attract strong attention and engage human curiosity. Keeping your focus squarely around the message you want to send to your audience is key in producing excellent results.

2) Typography

If your logo features elaborate pictures, you may look to offset them with a simple typeface. A regular serif or contemporary sans serif font without a bunch of fancy frills will get your message across perfectly. For modest designs involving single shapes, you could choose to embellish your typography to counterbalance the simplicity of your design. With the right lettering, your typography might just turn out to be the highlight of your logo.

3) Colors

Three-dimensional designs offer you the luxury of going all out with a color palette. You cannot create an immersive seascape in just one shade of blue, so don’t limit yourself.

On the other hand, while the backdrop to your design could certainly consist of a complete spectrum of hues, you may want to consider sticking with only two or three colors. Very often, a solid background allows the main subject matter to really pop. By doing this, you have the added benefit of being able to more easily apply the logo design to letterheads, business cards, and other branding materials.

Before committing to a design, research how colors are perceived to influence emotions. While pink is warm and nurturing, it can also be associated with weaker physical strength. While orange is exciting and whimsical, it could hamper a serious corporate logo that is meant to convey stability above all else.

Keeping the prospective scope of 3D logo design in mind will help you create a logo that is both visually impressive and uniquely identifiable. Our creative team at Logo Coast can turn your vision into a reality. We continuously strive to deliver high quality designs that will not only impress you but your audience for many years to come.

Logo Design for Catering

Catering Logo Design

By Logo Design

For those in the catering business, logos are usually the last thing on your mind when food, event management, and various other activities sit higher on your list of priorities. But it is crucial to remember that the first step to attracting customers is through marketing your company’s brand and location. Paired with appropriate design elements, your catering company can truly stand out from the competition. Thus, the very first step to ensuring success starts with eye-catching and immaculately designed visual branding. Read More

Logo Design for Car Wash

Car Wash Logo Design

By Logo Design

While intimidating, designing a car wash logo should be fun! Think about the diverse variety of objects that you could use to symbolize your business. You don’t necessarily need to use some over-the-top graphic – from time to time, an abstract image will also do the trick. Read More

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