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Logo Design That Demands Attention

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Top Logo Design – Create Your Brand

Many companies in the business world are not aware of how effective a logo can be when it comes to standing out from the crowd. A superb logo design not only establishes brand recognition, it represents a corporation in a unique and memorable way.

The question is, how does an organization ensure that it obtains the perfect logo design? How does the organization find the mark that conveys its message? Surprisingly, the answer is easy: hire an expert logo design firm that you can trust.

A multiple award-winning firm, Logo Coast’s logo design business emphatically promises every single client custom-made, unique logo designs. Our business model is designed to create strong partnerships with our clients. This personalized approach allows Logo Coast to fully understand the client, and discover the ideal way to showcase that client to the world.

Our Logo Design Process:

  • Gather initial information from the client.
  • Provide creative direction and other project specifics.
  • The project manager and expert designers will conduct analysis to acquire insight into the client’s expertise in their field of operation.
  • Initial logo design(s) will be crafted, and sent to the client for feedback and/or approval.
  • After receiving the initial logo design(s), the client may provide personal suggestions that will be incorporated into the final, unique logo design.

Logo Coast’s extensive logo style design experience comes from working with over 200 businesses. This experience has seasoned our team with practical knowledge focused on designing distinctive logos for both internet websites as well as brick and mortar stores. It has led to a myriad of satisfied clients.

Logo Coast not only benefits from its collective experience, but also participates in knowledge-sharing with the design community. Through this ongoing interaction, we are continually improving our techniques / strategies and honing our craft while delivering valuable information regarding logo styles, branding, and promotion.

Contact today and we’d love the opportunity to work together on your next branding project!

Simple Logo Design for Business

Simple Logo Design

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Simple Logo Design – Clear & Concise

When it comes to design, less is more. In creating a simple logo, you only need to consider what is essential, and ensure that your final design is not cluttered. It is best to apply concepts of minimalism to create a logo design that is eye-catching and unique. After brainstorming your personal branding style, you will be able to determine if a sleek, simple, and streamlined design is best for you.

Defining Your Design Rules

As you get started with the design process, it is always best to start with some sketches or create a list of concepts you feel best describe your brand. Jot down ideas to help you quickly create an outline. Seek inspiration from existing businesses, brand names, and products. Make reference to particular elements you wish to incorporate into your own logo design, and let your designer know what you want your end product to include.

Taking the Stripped-Down Approach

The simple, stripped-down approach is currently a huge design trend. It is vital to use this strategy in order to appeal to Generation-Y and Millennials. Youth are attracted to simple, streamlined designs that are easy to remember. Minimalistic designs easily grab attention, and are very stylish in today’s market.

Many brand names such as Google, Yahoo, and eBay use simple logo design created using only their business name. They may be simple, but they stand out with their colors and typography. Some other brands use logos that place emphasis on images, and use little to no text at all. These include Apple and Chanel, for example.

Font Finesse

Font selection is usually one of the trickier aspects of logo design. However, it plays a vital role in designing simple visual branding. A clean, modern font is your best bet, though the font you wish to use is completely up to you! If you are considering cursive-type fonts, look at options that are clear and simple. Stay away from anything that is too fancy or stylized with excessive loops or swirls. Stick with the minimalistic aesthetic.

To keep everything simple and clean, you may wish to speak to a design firm. You might need some help selecting the best graphics and fonts, brainstorming ideas, or browsing templates and catalogs. This is certainly where Logo Coast can help you. With our assistance, you will have a talented team of professional designers at your disposal.

Logo coast will help you brainstorm, apply surefire design techniques, and make your vision become a reality. Even if you have no idea where to start, our designers will use their skills to create an outstanding logo to complement your brand. Contact us now to find out how we can help you create a stunning, yet simple logo design!

Clever Logo Design for Business

Clever Logo Design

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Clever Logo Design – Tips & Tricks

With the current trend of businesses shifting towards clever logo design (rather than obvious visual representation of their brand), the logo design industry has seen some changes. This new and impressive method of design helps companies separate themselves from the competition, and presents them in a modern and progressive light. Not only are these logos visually appealing, they have an additional dash of intelligence that helps make them distinctive. That said, witty logos are not easy to create, and often require assistance from skilled design professionals.

Visual Double-Entendres

Visual double-entendres are important elements of many clever logotypes. They can inform the public about your company’s identity or business without using copious amounts of text. As the popular adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this tactic can help make a logo quite memorable.

The logo for Mister Cutts (a barber shop in Wichita Falls, Texas), is a great example of clever graphic design. The centerpiece of this logo is a stylized set of scissors, which reminds potential clients that the retail outlet focuses on haircuts. The scissor blades double as a neatly trimmed mustache, and the finger rings serve as eyes. Even though you may need to a moment to process the details throughout the logo design, it is quite easy to spot the face within the logo. This image of a well-groomed man tells observers that Mister Cutts is a solid option for the male demographic.

Writing Your Message with Word Art

Words are cornerstone to any clever logo design. However, when using text in witty logos, they are often deployed with uncommon approaches. Clever logo designers do not tend to worry as much about whether serif or sans-serif fonts convey the right corporate image. They are more focused on strategies and phrases that can subtly hint at details about the name of a company or its services.

Consider the logo of the worldwide parcel carrier, FedEx Express, for clever text inspiration. At first glance, you may only see a bold purple and orange heading that spells out the company name. However, if you observe the negative area within this text, you will see a perfect, white arrow between the orange letters E and X. Not only does this suggest that FedEx will reliably transport your parcels from A to B, but also implies that the company is continuously moving forward.

Thoughtful Ambigrams

Ambigrams also employ typography. However, these clever design tools are unique and different from general fonts. Ambigrams are words or phrases that can be read in more than one way. Designing successful and intelligent ambigrams is tricky (and they are a lot more difficult to create), but taking a look at some examples may help make this concept easier to understand.

Creating a clever logo design is truly an art, and should not be attempted by amateurs. Logo Coast will carefully select a skillful team of professional designers to help you design a witty logo that will best represent your business. Our team will closely involve you throughout the entire process, and will develop a range of concepts for your consideration.

Logo Design for Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmaceutical Logo Design

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Pharmaceutical Logo Design – Brand Awareness

Branding within the pharmaceutical market is a relatively new concept when it comes to building relationships with clients. For years and years, a pharmaceutical business’ formula was straightforward: create a new essential drug, present it to physicians by means of sales representatives, and watch as the prescriptions are filled. These new products, secured by a decade’s worth of patent protection, were near guaranteed to create massive revenue. Intensive brand tactics were inexistent and often dismissed.

Long gone are the days when organizations can release products without a significant and persuasive brand identity. Now pharmaceutical businesses must work on establishing the branding even before an item is through the production phase or ready for public use.

Building a Targeted Branding Identity

Pharmaceutical logo design is a vital means of producing brand awareness and informing the public of prospective benefits of medicines and drugs. This strategy gives the public information regarding what a product does and encourages them to choose that product or service (from amidst a plethora of other comparable solutions in the marketplace).

The logo design must be in sync with the target audience, using specific fonts and colors to do so. Lasting pharmaceutical logo design can make a tremendous impact on consumers. It’s also worth noting that the packaging of pharmaceutical products is extremely significant. The packaging design needs to be unique in order to ensure the product will not be confused with other products nearby or on the next shelf.

The Big Picture

Pharmaceutical reps are marketers through and through. They enjoy going out and about, meeting new individuals and medical practitioners in order to push their merchandise. That is certainly their best skill. They entertain as well as wine and dine. Everywhere they go, they’re leaving “goodies” behind and the vast majority of nurses are happy to be paid a visit because he or she normally receives a free lunch and set of stationary.

However, pharmaceutical brands exist beyond the product sales rep and/or free promotional products. Now companies are incorporating the web into the mix. For all those health professionals that don’t make it to the lunch date, the branding still exists online. The website offers all of the pertinent information in regard to the medication and tells medical practitioners exactly what is needed. Whether or not the medical professional regularly uses the site, it is always there for reference.

Pharmaceutical firms realize that a memorable name is nothing if not tied to a stand-out image. They regularly partner with marketers to build logos, marketing pieces, and even pills of particular colors and sizes. These are all vital facets of the pharmaceutical marketplace. The public rely on clear imagery in order to recall business names, and more drug corporations are delivering just that.

Logo Design for Boutique

Boutique Logo Design

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Boutique Logo Design – Increase Sales

Do you own a boutique? Whether you are offering haute couture, funky modern jewelry, or upscale children’s clothes, without an exceptional logo you are throwing away a valuable opportunity as a business. Branding is one of the most significant factors for a developing company, one that greatly increases the chance of success. As such, this is not something to rush or experiment with. A design agency can create the boutique logo of your dreams, all in a style that communicates exactly what your small business is all about.

Here is a rough outline for the logo design process:

  1. Select a design agency – You do not want just any design agency, but one with a dedicated and professional team (with extensive experience). When you have chosen your ideal graphic design company for your boutique logo design, your designer will get in touch to begin the briefing process.
  2. Seek advice from your design agency – A boutique logo is not a single entity unrelated to your business; it is the public face of your commercial brand. The design company you are working with should get to know your company as well as its values and vision/goals. Individuality should be a main focus when it comes to your boutique logo design.
  3. Boutique logo creation – When your design agency has sufficient information about your organization, they will begin working to create a logo to take your business to new heights. Depending on the type of design package selected, you may be offered a choice of several designs and in some cases be able to go through revision stages. Before long, you’ll discover a perfect match that demonstrates your boutique’s vibrant personality while captivating the target audience.
  4. Future branding – Even though your boutique logo has been designed to your exact specifications, this is only the starting point. The next step is to use your logo as part of a comprehensive branding strategy. Anything used in your firm, from business cards to letterheads to in-store merchandising, should be adapted to include your new image. This connection is what can make a boutique logo so successful, and is exactly what will help leave an impression with your audience.

As you can see, creating a logo is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a brand. You might need business cards, logos, flyers, commercials, signs, and in many cases banner ads to fully begin making a statement in the business world. This type of dedication will help your boutique thrive, but also slowly progress towards the ever desired “iconic” status. In an aggressive and competitive market place, a corporate branding approach (that ties in with an exclusive logo) is a proven course of action to increase sales and generate revenue.

Infographic for The Perfect Pitch - 10 Slides to Success

The Perfect Pitch – 10 Slides to Success (Infographic)

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The Perfect Pitch: 10 Slides to Success (Infographic)

Business pitches are used to generate interest and gauge support. They are meant to serve as a snapshot of your product/service, so get in and get out! Your mission is to create enough interest to secure a second meeting.

In order to avoid boring or disengaging your audience, it is recommended that you stick with ten slides or less. This may sound minimal, but it will help ensure you stick to the essentials. Having excess slides will only detract from your presentation.

Here are the 10 recommended slides:

1. Title

Present the business/company name, your name, your position within the company, as well as your contact details.

2. The Problem or The Opportunity

Outline the issue that you are addressing, or the reward you wish to provide.

3. Value

Provide details about the value of resolving the problem, or explain the benefits of the opportunity you will provide. Think: Why is it beneficial?

4. Background and Specifications

Describe the ins and outs of your project. This may be related to the technology, method, or concepts behind your solution. Focus on visual representations – the less text, the better.

5. Business Model

Outline the financial aspects of your project. Who are your potential investors or sponsors? How do you strive to gain their support?

6. Market Strategy

Explain your marketing campaign, how you will engage with potential customers, and emphasize the efficiency of your strategy.

7. Analyze the Competition

Provide a comprehensive study of the competitive landscape, and how you will stand out from the competition. The more specific examples that can be provided, the better.

8. Team and Management

Who are the key players? Consider your management team, board of directors, board of advisors, and major investors.

9. Financial Forecast

Create a three-year financial projection. Consider market sizing, clientele, and conversion rates. Avoid the top-down approach, and opt for bottom-up.

10. Status Update

Provide an overview of the current status of your project. Discuss the way forward, and how you will budget the funds that you are trying to secure.

Additional Slide:

An entrepreneur may not necessarily know when, how, or even if they will achieve liquidity. However, many may provide the two most obvious contingency plans: an initial public offering (IPO), or an acquisition. If an investor asks about your exit strategy, they are expecting more than just a stock standard answer. Take time to mull over your options, cover all your bases, and avoid disappointing potential stakeholders.

Logo Design for Group

Group Logo Design

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Group Logo Design – Promote Growth

Your logo must say something unique about your organization. Whether you are a small sports group, a youth group, or a qualified group of professionals targeting corporate managers, an outstanding group logo design could not only make your organization one that is memorable, but also set you as a preferred solution for the services that you provide.

Logo Styles for Social Groups

All social groups differ by size and objective. A local church may want a simple and exciting logo that easily draws attention, all while effortlessly convincing individuals to participate in youth group activities. Bigger groups, such as the Boy Scouts of America and Daughters of the American Revolution, attract a large number of members. These sorts of organizations want logos that are easily recognized, which will help them gain interest during fundraising events, social causes, and media campaigns.

Girl Scouts has one of the most recognizable logos of any significant American social group. Its green color plays an intriguing part in how society views the organization. Color psychology indicates that individuals interpret green as a balanced, organic color that communicates harmony and peace. By implementing green as the dominant color, the Girl Scouts logo communicates key elements of their mission (promoting courage, developing self-confidence, and building character), which all contribute to making the world a better place.

Logo Styles for Expert Groups

Professional groups and associations provide solutions to individuals in specific fields. Regardless of the industry, there is certainly a professional group that may help you reach your goals. A lot of groups offer qualified professional development, mentoring, and networking opportunities. They may also provide scholarships that promote growth and improvement within any business sector.

Even though professional groups offer excellent services to their members, this does not mean that they can afford to neglect marketing themselves. Without members, these groups would cease to receive the funding they need to thrive and create change. Having the appropriate visual branding will help them retain members, and continue to provide their excellent services.

Professional groups deserve professional logos. A lot of profitable organizations should avoid cliché or tacky design trends. Focus on long-lasting, conventional styles that appeal to a wide audience and can withstand the tests of time. This will actually help lower branding expenses over the long haul by locking in an iconic design. This is obviously much more efficient than continually paying for new logo designs (in attempt to keep up with fluctuating market trends).

Logo Designs for Organizations

Organizations that operate subsidiaries may wish to brand themselves as industry leaders whose services can be trusted by consumers. The need to reach out to a wider audience implies that designers should have a clear understanding on how individuals will interpret corporate group logos. Here, a more appealing and nuanced design will have the power to attract more clients and partners.

Group Logos Designs by Logo Coast

Logo Coast takes diligent measures to create the perfect group logo design to complement your character and your needs. Our team of professional designers works closely with you, and involves you in every step of the design process in order to design the best logo for your group.

Logo Design for Green Companies

Green Logo Design

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Green Logo Design – Organic Growth

There are several things to consider when preparing to create green visual branding for your small business. As more companies start to emphasize their eco-friendly endeavors, your business logo must stand out, while clearly expressing the environmental aspects of your company. Hiring a team of professional designers will ensure your business displays a striking and unique logo.

Color Selection

Color is by far one of the most vital aspects in graphic design, where every single color delivers a distinct message. Sometimes entrepreneurs make the mistake of using more colors than they should, which can be a distraction and detract from their visual identity. When a variety of colors are used in one logo, it becomes unmemorable and unidentifiable. It is usually most effective to simply stick with a couple of colors, particularly with an environmental logo design.

Green is the ideal color for environmentally conscious organizations. Brown hues also have an earthy feel with eco-friendly connotations… as it they are closely related to seriousness, simplicity, and nature. White is also a natural tone for an eco-logo design, and indicates peace and purity. Yellow, when used thoughtfully, is another organic fit in designs for sustainable companies, as it evokes renewal, cheerfulness, and energy.

Shapes and Symbols

Basic but powerful geometric shapes are an increasing trend in green logo design. The Discovery Network’s Green Planet design is a perfect example, a basic, green circle with bold black text.

When it comes to sustainable branding, circles are a great choice. Circles are continuous which represents the cyclical nature of life. They also signify the planets or even a round vegetable or fruit. Circles present a comforting sense of wholesomeness and completeness.

Rectangles and squares are symbols of order, reliability and sturdiness. They are usually applied in sustainable logo designs. While they might seem simple or boring, tilting or projecting them on a diagonal can present their fun and edgy side.

Triangles convey energy, motion, spirituality, and balance. An iconic triangular symbol is the recycling logo that is composed of green arrows forming a triangle.

Swirls and spirals are fantastic as they are expressions for transformation, life, and growth. They represent the four seasons or cycles of life, which are suitable images in green logo design.

Working with Logo Coast

Research shows that 83% of all marketing and advertising efforts are visual, which implies that your design and brand identity are among the most important components of your company. Your logo design will be featured on stationery, business cards, websites, paperwork, uniforms, and various other print and digital media. It is important to send a strong message, so get in touch with our design team at Logo Coast today in order to create your perfect logo!

Logo Design for Fitness

Fitness Logo Design

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Fitness Logo Design – Get in Shape

The possibilities are endless when it comes to exercise. Yoga, Zumba, pilates, crossfit, weight machines, and cardio are just a few of many exercise regimens that are popular today. With so many fitness centers and exercise plans, it is important that you create a fitness logo design that accurately represents your specialty, your company, and allows you to stand out from the competition.

Highlight Your Niche

What does your fitness center or health club offer that sets you apart? Perhaps your fitness center is open all day and all night. Maybe you offer kickboxing classes, or have unique equipment that is not available anywhere else. Are you the only center that provides kettlebells or hosts private trainers? Your logo should give clients an idea about what they should expect, especially since joining a fitness center can be intimidating for some individuals. The more they know about your business, the more comfortable they will feel with signing up for membership with you.

Choosing the Right Colors

Colors are critical in fitness logo design, particularly as they have the power to send subliminal messages. Select colors that accurately reflect the message you wish to convey about your brand. Below are some common color associations to consider when designing your logo.

  • White – the color of purity and cleanliness. May be ideal if you would like to market your fitness center as a pristinely kept establishment.
  • Black – bold and authoritative. Fantastic for a boxing or mixed martial arts studio.
  • Blue – secure, confident, and trustworthy. Would be suitable for a fitness center that specializes in general health and cardio / weight loss.
  • Orange, yellow, and green – all great colors for yoga or pilates studios that focus on holistic health.
  • Pink – youthful and feminine. A great shade for women’s health and fitness.

Let Logo Coast Help You

Logo Coast makes fitness logo design easy, and we will ensure your logo meets all key design criteria. We will do the work for you, so there is no need to worry if you don’t have any experience with graphic design. As soon as we learn about your business, we will assign a team of dedicated designers to create several logo solutions for you. Averaging about 3-5 business days for delivery of initial concepts, our team will present you with a variety of designs to choose from. You will be included throughout the entire creative process, and are welcome to provide any feedback or adjustments in order to receive the perfect design for you.

As soon as you are happy with your design, we will provide your completed logo in a variety of formats. These are the exact files you will need for digital or print media, such as your website, printed documents, promotional merchandise, and advertisements, just to name a few. Your unique logo is kept on file at Logo Coast in order to ensure you will never lose it. Rest assured, we will make a challenging task efficient and budget-friendly!

10 Logo Design Techniques to Generate Buzz (Infographic)

10 Logo Design Techniques to Generate Buzz (Infographic)

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10 Logo Design Techniques To Generate Buzz (Infographic)

Every day, there are more and more people within the logo design field starting to dish out subpar designs. From recycled ideas to copyright infringement, crowd sourcing platforms usually are overrun with designers that cut corners in attempt to provide low cost “solutions”. The question is, how do you (as a serious graphic design professional), separate yourself from the competition and produce high-quality concepts that stand the test of time? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Incorporate Multiple Messages Within Your Visual Graphics

The idea here is to blend two seemingly distinct concepts into one clever composition.

2. Color, Color, Color!

Colors bring ideas to life and highlight your personality. Be bold but be smart. Explore bright, captivating hues but remember to account for common associations within the industry.

3. Steer Clear of Clichés

When it comes to logo design, old ideas inevitably give way to fresh and innovative conceptualization.

4. Personalize and Make it Your Own

What sets you apart from the competition? Infuse a unique style to make an everyday graphic memorable.

5. Experiment with Typography

Many logos stand out simply due to their exclusive font selection. Simplistic imagery is often best complemented by custom typography.

6. Less is More

Minimalism is your friend. Straightforward icons are more easily understood than their overly complex adversaries.

7. Dimension – Create Depth

Symmetry and proportion are important aspects of a logo design. Balance is crucial.

8. Turn Negative into a Positive

Explore ways to utilize negative space wisely in order to empower your design.

9. Harness Visual Dynamics

Inject a sense of motion into your logo to make it visually energetic. Let action pave the way to success.

10. Tell a Story

Avoid being too abstract as this can come off as confusing. Focus on your underlying mission and goals.